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LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues


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Change doesn't always mean good...

posted by Flint879 (ALTOONA, PA) May 10, 2010

Member since Sep 2008

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Think this is the same as the first? Wrong. The gameplay is different. The traditional "hop through 6 levels" is gone. Instead, they thought it was a good idea to have you hunt and find where to go next. Which would be fun...If you knew where you were going and what to look for. There is no guidance to cluing you in on where to go next. With this new change, the fun is pretty dull. The graphics, story and sound is all the same as the other Lego games. The gameplay is what suffers in this entry. It's still fun regardless. The dungeon style levels are a killer though. Once you prowl around a huge map trying for hours to locate your next destination, you are greeted with a cut scene, thrown into a room with a nice puzzle to figure out, then get thrown out into the map to locate your next place to go. Some are obvious, most take some exploring and time to find. Some are in really far out places. Even in the entries like Raiders, Temple o' Doom and Crusaders, the gameplay is the same throughout them. The cut scenes are different from the first Lego Indy. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was decent. It would have been funner if the new style of gameplay didn't bog it down to a boring tedious task. Aside from the gameplay, my other gripe is with the "car-crashing" levels. Some levels require you to drive a vehicle. In doing so, you have a set amount of other vehicles to destroy. After such info is released, you basically have to play some demolition derby by ramming your vehicle into theirs several times to destroy it. Very boring and very tedious. The boss battles are a nice inclusion, but all require very little skill to figure out and kill. Other than all that jibber jabber, this is just another Lego entry. Some will get bummed by the new style of gameplay (such as I) and others will suffer through for another round with Indiana Jones and his crew.

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Above Average

A New Approach Without Much New Content

posted by Aeolis (BRYAN, TX) Dec 13, 2009

Member since Dec 2009

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The LEGO series of video games is known for the combination of its adorable family-friendliness and classic franchises. The formula is simple: take an easy to play puzzle platformer that explodes into bricks, add fun extras, and top it off with a wink of in-jokes for parents. In this sense, LEGO Indiano Jones 2 succeeds. It transitions from "simple hub, linear levels" to "open-world hub, simple levels" in a way that keeps the story intact (only characters within each movie appear in the storyline hub) and finding those fun extras accessible.

It's weakness comes from the fact that the amount of new material to work with is minimal. The classic Indy movies return, the major plot points highlighted by the revised level style. But Crystal Skull receives a three-part treatment that seems roundabout at best; There are almost as many scenes in the game as there are in the actual movie. And though "treasure levels" augment "free play levels" of previous titles, you can't shake the feeling that there's just not enough content here to make another truly excellent experience.

In the end, the controls are solid, the action improves, and the kids will probably like it, even if it doesn't hold the same kid-appeal as the Batman canon does. I'd recommend it to lovers of the LEGO series and newcomers alike for the new format. A worthy addition to your GameQ.

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lego indiana jones 2

posted by xxGAMER69x (NEWPORT NEWS, VA) Nov 25, 2009

Member since Sep 2007

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very time consuming,very challenging/the bonus levels vary in this sequel.the whole family can enjoy this game for hours at a time,very child freindly for all ages.the building stages keep you busy for hours at a time,plus you can build it the way you want.GET IT TODAY

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