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LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4


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The best Lego game since Star Wars

posted by Mark22036 (WILLIAMSON, NY) Jul 27, 2010

Member since Jan 2007

If you are a fan of the Harry Potter films or a fan of the series of Lego games, I recommend renting this game.

If you like Harry Potter but havent yet played a game from the Lego series, this is the perfect introduction to the series. Also, I'd bet if you loved the Star Wars Lego games and the Batman Lego games, this would be a great introduction to the world of Harry Potter. Dont get me wrong, you will DEFINATELY enjoy this game more if you are already a Harry Potter fan.

For those of you have not played the Lego games before, let me give a quick overview:

The Lego games are cartoon/lego versions of whatever intellectual property they have spent millions of dollars on to imitate. Unlockable characters, weapons, vehicles, etc.. give the game high replay value.

Now, the Harry Potter version makes some very significant improvements. If you have tried to play the other games with a partner, you will, without a doubt, have experienced the frustration in trying to get the level goals accomplished if your partner and you arent thinking the same thing or moving in the same direction. Two players forced to stay on one screen causes many problems. Lego Harry Potter fixes this. Split screen!!! WOO HOO!! If you and your buddy decide to venture into different parts of Hogwarts, the game will enter split screen mode. Its quite seamless and makes for a much more pleasurable two plaer experience. In previous games, the players usually had two or three abilities. They could jump, use and attack (lightaber or Indy's whip) and another (the force). In Harry Potter, you learn more and more spells, gather items that can be used (invisibility cloak), and using a simple press of a few buttons, switch between them. Wingardium Leviosa must be used to lift legos and build with them, and when you finish building, you might want to switch to the invisibility cloak so your arent seen.

Thos two improvements alone are enough to give the game a try.

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Above Average

good but

posted by crashdog72 (WEST HILLS, CA) Jul 23, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

lego harry potter is really good but where is the action like in lego indiana jones and lego star wars and lego batman

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Neat new mechanics

posted by officeninj (GAINESVILLE, FL) Jul 15, 2010

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This is an interesting take on the lego line of movies-turned-video games. For instance, no longer will your characters have to hurriedly assemble whatever widget they need to proceed in the level; with a wave of the wand, all the pieces just fly together perfectly. And they've come up with fairly innovative mechanics to the lego video game genre. For instance, needing to find potion ingredients in order to make a potion to help you proceed. Or learning new spells (at the same pace as was in the movies, no less) helping you open up new areas. It all flows fairly organically and keeps one glued.
The downside is the camera and level details. Too often I found myself with a piece of scenery between the camera and my character, so I had no way to know how to proceed. After trying every conceivable spell I had, it turns out -- oh! -- there's a giant vine there hidden behind the scenery that you had to use your light spell on. This gets a bit frustrating and should've been planned better.

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