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Above Average

Entertaining but Easy

posted by mytibt (WINNETKA, CA) Dec 18, 2009

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This game was my first venture into the Lego line of games for the PS3 and I found it to be very entertaining. High points were definitely the interactive environment, character animation, costume changes, and use of vehicles. I especially liked how there was a little gameplay variation (one level is entirely vehicle based) as well as simple problem / puzzle solving, but not nearly enough for a higher rating.

This said, there were a few areas of the game that I would have liked improved (bear in mind that these comments are made from the perspective of a 30-something gamer and that this game is targeted to younger demographics):
1) Controls are a little too simplistic for me - this is one of those one button mashing games
2) Game was too easy - we beat it in about 2 hrs in one sitting
3) Humor was a little cheesy - I'm sure that some younger kids would have enjoyed this more

All in all - very good rental but that's about it. Replay value is not high at all on this one.


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Just Like Real LEGOs...

posted by aenderw (GREENSBORO, NC) Sep 23, 2008

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After several iterations of LEGO based titles, you'd assume that Traveller's Tales would fix the main issues its fan-base complained about... and you'd be terribly wrong. LEGO Batman swings into gear with the same pointless puzzles, bad camera angles, and stupid AI that plagued the LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Indy titles. Does this make it a terrible game? Absolutely not.

LEGO Batman follows suit from its predecessors with cute interpretations of beloved icons and mixes in a bit of humor and full fledged LEGO nostalgia. The game doesn't follow the comics, movies, or the television show, but rather opts for a juxtaposition of everything. Essentially, Batman's greatest foes escape from Arkham Asylum and plot revenge. It's generic, but if you're a Batman fan, it provides hours of entertainment.

There are six chapters in the game. The first half you are limited to playing Batman or Robin (or one of the unlocked 'good' characters), who start out boring but become interesting by obtaining suits that grant them different powers. The second half of the game places you in the bad guys' shoes... and what a pair of shoes they are! Each has a unique ability: Mr. Freeze can put his enemies in a block of ice, the Riddler uses mind control, and the Joker shocks anyone he touches. Also, each chapter features a vehicle level that sort of mixes up the aged formula.

The soundtrack is taken directly from Burton's 1989 film adaptation, so you're sure to recognize the music. I was delighted by that.

While LEGO Batman is not a bad game, it is more of the same (unless you are a diehard Bat-nut.) The experience is best in a co-op setting and there is some replay value to be found if you are interested in unlocking all the hidden characters. For me, the game was not worth the $50, though I'm sure some will disagree. Regardless, enjoy it for what it is. LEGOs and super heroes rarely ruin a weekend.

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Very Good

i was not expecting this...

posted by MrMunk (KENDALLVILLE, IN) Sep 30, 2008

Member since Oct 2004

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well, as far as the LEGO series of games goes, i thought the Star Wars sagas were great, i was addicted to them both. when they released the full series, i was hoping to get a bit of a change, only to be disappointed and got the exact same games. when Indiana Jones came out, i had high hopes since it was a different spin, yet still seemed like i got the exact same game, i was disappointed.
the Batman game has regained my addiction to these LEGOs games, its fun, witty and adds alot of new spins to the LEGOs/Batman universe. i just finished the last of the story modes and im gettin ready to work on the 100%. id say its absolutely worth a rental and may be worth buying. visually its really good, its 1080 HD. it has alot of replay value, since you have a whole arsenal of characters, Batman info, cheats, and special stuff to unlock along with tons of secret areas within each level. there are 6 main 'episodes' to play through, each with about 5 levels. 3 main episodes you are playing as hero, and 3 you are playing as villains. you have to play through the hero side of each episode before you can unlock the villain side of it (each episode has somewhat a theme where the villains are planning a certain group of crimes to enact one bigger crime to wreak havoc on the city). there is a number of suits for either Batman or Robin that will assist you in completing each level. with the villains, you will start off with different characters in each level to help you through those. its very much a platform game in the sense that you have to jump from ledge to ledge, break a bunch of stuff, flip switches or activate certain things, and put LEGO pieces together to create stuff. you collect LEGO coins (i think they are called 'cogs') that will allow you to unlock stuff in the batcave. and you also have a trophy room in both the batcave and Arkham Asylum (the villain headquarters).
you definitely need to check it out, if your like in LEGOs, Batman, Platform games, or just bored.

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