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Stars, Indiana Jones, Batman?

posted by yodathecat (SHORELINE, WA) Apr 22, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

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I love the lego games, I have Starwars lego on 3 game systems and indiana jones, but this game I decided to rent from game fly

this is a pretty good game, if your five years old. it's more of the same thing of the other lego games where you have lego characters go around and whack villains, or play as villians and kill good guys, bot hare fun but after 3-4 levels you will start to get bored. Its different aspects of characters is really cool, where one minute your flying and the next your planting bombs. the achievments are also pretty good, I rented it for 5-6 days and 800 achievments which is pretty good for a game. there are some bad parts, there is no xbox live like they had in star wars lego TCS, also like all the other lego games the two play multiplayer is bad unless you can think the exactly same way, you'll soon find that you want to go one way and the second person wants to go the other.


long campaign with many hours of fun
get to play as many characters from all the batman shows
play as villain and good
game play
Graphics (for a lego game)

Music it keeps repeating but its not to bad, i would recomend music on the media center while playing
more of the same of the lego series

NO XBox live (that might be a good thing)
no plot (but hey its lego so...)
a few glitchs

over all 7/10 Campaign 8/10 Multiplay 2/10 XBox live N/A

What to do:
Rent it for a week and beat it
if you have a kid 6 and under BUY IT
If you hated the other lego games don't rent or buy

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LEGO Batman Rocks!

posted by marshall84 (ASHEVILLE, NC) Sep 23, 2008

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14 out of 18 gamers (78%) found this review helpful

I picked this up today from my pre-order & I’m really blown away by the game! The introduction is an awesome escape scene of all the criminals of Gotham City escaping from the nut house (from the advertised trailer shown on TV too.) The first episode is involving the Riddler & your battling his goons dressed as him, I got a real kick out of it! The storyline is similar to the way of LEGO Star Wars & the Indiana Jones. It goes chapter by chapter & having to complete missions & side bonus missions, secrets to get unlockable costumes, achievements, etc. The controls are smooth & not overly sensitive, it’s a bit of a button masher a bit, but also it’s a challenge. Take for instance, you need to get Robin’s Technology suit to control a radio controlled car to go under a trap door which is holding a woman hostage. I won’t say more than that, because I don’t want to give any spoilers. Don’t want to give out too many goodies! The graphics are All LEGO. The creativity is a 10. I have no doubt in my mind there. The reaction time in some points is a little tiresome, you do have to wait in some points such as save points, seemed to take a bit of time. On another note, I love Batman’s Destruction Suit, I mean come on, Batman planting bombs!? How Awesome! I felt like I was back in day of playing Mario Brothers for NES. I’m not comparing Mario Bros. to this, just saying & do feel it’s brought more to the table of creativity, unique perspective & my hat’s off to the developers. The game as a whole is well worth the price of $39.99 wherever avaible plus GF they always give you a little discount! ;) Final Grade: 10 of 10.Happy Gaming!

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Above Average

Same ol

posted by jaguar7676 (TITUSVILLE, FL) Jun 18, 2009

Member since Nov 2004

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I have played all the Lego series and I am finding them to be repetitive and boring. This game isn't as funny as Indy and the suit upgrading was a mild pain. I didn't care for the driving/flying missions. I guess what I am saying is that unless they make a LEGO X-Men game..I'm done.

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