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LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes


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LEGO Batman 2

posted by Ravynheart (LOUISVILLE, KY) Nov 1, 2012

Member since Oct 2006

I just finished playing this game, and, if your a LEGO game fan, this one will be addictive just like the rest. BUT, be ready for some major changes, some good, some not so good. One of the first major changes you'll notice, is that they actually TALK. The voice acting is actually pretty good, which it should be since the actors doing the voiceovers, have voiced these characters in past cartoons and well known games.

The not do good change, in my opinion, the new map. They have completely redesigned the way you access missions, and many other things, and not once did they bother to mention any of it in game. It took me nearly a week to understand what was going on with the map, what each of the icons were, and I probably still don't know everything about it. That is the big flaw in this game, because every previous LEGO game, you understood what everything was, simply by seeing it. Not so in this game.

The graphics are very nice. The cutscenes are, well, probably prettier than you would expect from a Lego game.

Gameplay is, well, probably the main thing that pulls LEGO fans to these games. Break everything, run in circles picking up coins/studs. Yes it can get repetitive, but to those of us who are fans, we expect that repetetiveness.

All in all this was a fun play. If your a fan of the LEGO games, give this one a rent. Maybe you'll understand the layout better than me, and have more fun with it. I had to give this one a 7 because the map was very confusing to begin with, and there was never any explanation about it. Sorry Travelers Tales, don't expect us to instinctively understand a layout we have never seen before.

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Very Good

Lego Batman 2: A Reinvisioning of a Tired Concept

posted by GameMonkey27 (SAINT LOUIS, MO) Oct 13, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

Let's be honest. Lego games tend to suck. They are usually full of glitches, repetitive gameplay and story that borrow heavily from and lampoon classic tales. But that all changes with Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes

Graphics 7: They did a good job of making their characters look like real plastic. The textures and reflections are great coming off the tiny plastic models. And the overworld and levels are great to just look at, due to the amount of detail put in. But the game is glitchy. There were numerous camera problems and moments where i was unable to see my character. My biggest problem was when the game glitched out and restarted the same level i had just completed. The graphics are great, but the glitches aren't.
Gameplay 7: Yes, it is repetitive, but nothing so dull that it makes you want get up and leave. Plus, the flying, while the controls are spotty, is pretty fun. The overowrld of the entire city of Gotham is very fun to explore, with all the mini-boss fights and cameos to be had here. And with the addition of all new suits and abilities, coming from the Justice League Characters, the gameplay is repetitive and simple, but never tedious or boring.
Sound 10: This brings us to the very best part of the game. The voice-acting is tons of fun to listen to, we get to listen to the classic music of the 70s superman film and the 80s batman film, and the humor is spot on. I loved the way they portrayed superman as a pompous jerk (i can do anything!) and batman as the brooding polar opposite (I don't do television). They had me chuckling throughout.
Story 8: LBM2 told an original and entertaining story. It goes that Lex Luthor is upstaged by Bruce Wayne at the Man of the Year awards, so he teams up with Joker to destroy Gotham City and its proud son with his new weapon, the deconstructor. This leads up to a huge, multilevel fight against a giant robot that involves the entire JL.
In short this was a problematic, but fun experience, and u should give it a lo

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VERY Fun Game

posted by coltonrahn (ARRINGTON, TN) Sep 17, 2012

Member since Sep 2012

This game provided me with a ton of playtime over a period of about two weeks. Kept me playing even after the main story was over.

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