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No corny gumshoe detective here, just a sound game

posted by txdust (SAN ANTONIO, TX) May 21, 2011

Member since May 2011

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This game could of easily gone so many different ways. You could of been spending most your time ducking mobsters and walking a fine line of god cop and bad cop to bring down an Al Capone like figure. That would a fair expectation to most who have played other Rockstar titles, but they would be wrong. This game was so thought out from start to finish alone in the realm of next gen cop games. A lot of the game at a glance feels like grand theft. An entire city to drive around in this plenty of people to avoid or run over. Plenty of cars to drive, to the mature content and language that would prevent some parents buying this game for their kids. Apart from the fact some comparisons can be made, this game feels fresh and new and stands alone. As the name suggests this game starts off like a 1950's Hollywood noir film(example Who framed roger rabbit is in Noir style). The game creators skipped placing in an over used gum shoe type detective and instead introduces your character as a straight n narrow cop with a past war record he doesn't like talking about. Like Taxi Driver helped push the envelope of what a Noir film could be for a new genration. The same could be said about L.A. Noire for this generation. The style of the story shows respect to the classic 1950's movies, but also updates the style by holding nothing back with the crime scenes providing the player to truly feel the crime scene in an emotional way. This very real feeling is supported by the flawless animation and acting from this game(finding actors you recognize adds a fun scanger hunt aspect). The fact the game seems to effortlessly weave the story into the gameplay leaves little to complain about. My only harp to the game is the controls every once in awhile flubs up on some on foot chases. A camera angle change can be the death to a flawless takedown, which becomes somewhat frustrating. So far that is my only gripe of the game and frankly for the most part the controls work. Worth a buy, or rent.

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Interesting idea, bad engine

posted by TigerD (ALEXANDRIA, LA) May 21, 2011

Member since Aug 2009

11 out of 24 gamers (46%) found this review helpful

This game has an interesting concept, but the GTA engine is misapplied here.

I felt like I was playing a really old PC game or a Sega CD title. I got really tired of having to guess which location i needed to visit next. I also got tired of finding all the clues and still being forced to fail interview questions for unexplained reasons.

You can't skip cutscenes or move along the dialog, and the checkpoint system is needlessly vague. Why are there invisible save points in the alley behind the murder scene? It's dumb.

It's a fun concept at first, but LA noire gets really repetitive and boring at about the halfway point. I hope they overhaul the engine dramatically because GTA doesn't mix with what the designers wanted here.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Prepare to have your mind blown

posted by SurfFreak (LAGUNA BEACH, CA) May 21, 2011

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....while being bored at the same time. The game is more like CSI than GTA, in fact I wouldn't compare it to GTA at all. More like a CSI, Heavy Rain, Godfather, Mafia 2 mix that is heavy on examing evidence and questioning witnesses and light on the action. You can shoot, somewhat, you can fight, by mashing x and you can drive, which is done pretty well. The game reminds me of LA Confidential and I guess Black Dalia from what I saw of it. This is technologically a new way of gaming and is done very well but the story, lame main character and 40's era setting are all negatives. The Noire genra just sucks although it is cool, being in LA and seeing how grand LA once was compared to the cesspool it has become. People like to build that era up as being a utopia, good times, unless youre black, or a woman. People were so stupid and ignorant back then. The game is really for adults in that kids will be bored to death within minutes. Good concept, please no more noire though.

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