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Realistic graphics, good mix make this worth a try

posted by tjsmoke (NORTHAMPTON, PA) May 19, 2011

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"L.A. Noire" is a bit of a different game from Rockstar. This time your fully on the side of the law, such as it was in 1947 Los Angeles. You step into the shoes of Cole Phelps, war hero, and work your way from beat cop across various desks (Traffic, Homicide, Vice, Arson) as you rise in rank in the LAPD. There's plenty of action, with hand to hand brawling, gunfights, and car chases. In between these action bits you spend time canvassing crime scenes, searching for clues, gathering evidence, and interrogating suspects. The last is especially well done, as Team Bondi used new facial capture technology to bring the cast of characters to life. You need to read faces, then choose between 3 options (Truth, Doubt, or Lie) to make a determination of guilt or innocence. The game makes allowances, as you can guess wrong and still get the right man. Only if you absolutely fail in a mission (Phelps or his partner dies, or you lose a suspect you're pursuing) are you forced to try again. There are 21 main cases to do. While doing these main cases, there are 40 street crimes that you can tackle either during your main game play or later in a free roam mode. In addition, there are plenty of collectibles and sights to see- 13 newspapres, 50 film reels, 95 vehicles, and 30 famous locales are spread throughout the large map. Controls work fine for the most part, though some may require a bit of time to get used to them. The voice acting is top notch, as is the soundtrack. There's an occassional graphical glitch here and there, and sometimes movement is a bit clumsy, but these are minor quibbles. The game's not perfect, but this is a game everyone should at least try. The length will vary from player to player- some may finish in under 15 hours, others may spend longer. There's a neat option to play the game in black and white as well. It may not be for everyone, but give it a try if you're in the mood for something different. Enjoy!

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A Breath of Fresh Air

posted by icosotc (OLYMPIA, WA) May 17, 2011

Member since Jan 2011

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Wow. Forget everything you think you know about Rockstar Games or even the entire "Open World" genre for that matter. Slow and cerebral is the name of this game. I just got done jamming through the game after picking it up at a midnight release. This truely is a game changer of this console generation and a welcome one at that! Finally a slow, well-writen, mature title for mature gamers. I've always thought that playing the "good guy" couldn't be done in a game but Rockstar and Team Bondi have proved me wrong. I was completely engrossed from begining to end. Just don't expect this to be your "GTA" or "Red Dead" fix for 2011 or you will be sorely dissapointed. There are no zombies to kill. There is no sky-diving. You don't run over pedestrians. You just solve crimes in a rich, colorful re-creation of late 1940s Los Angeles and you feel like a badass, hero cop while doing it. Highly recomended for anyone who would like an injection of new ideas and flavor into their gaming diet.

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Very Good

Refreshingly Original

posted by Malikai (MURRIETA, CA) Sep 11, 2011

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"I'm no war hero; I can assure you of that." ~ Cole Phelps

LA Noire takes place in 1947 Los Angeles. You play to role of LAPD's golden boy, Detective Cole Phelps. Haunted by his past in the US Marines, Detective Phelps utilizes his skills to fight crime.

Allow me to start off by saying how fantastic this game is. I was trying to compare this to any other games that I've played in the past, and I've yet to find another game who executes this style of game play this well.

A game heavily based on the work of a detective. Interview witnesses and determine whether they are telling the truth or not with the incredible facial-animation technology.

There's no doubting that LA Noire looks amazing. The facial-animation technology is slightly buggy, however, nothing too noticiable. I can't wait to see how it looks with future titles.

Probably the most impressive element of the game. The music, and lack thereof, is strategically placed to give it a vintage feel. The voice acting great.

The control scheme is perfect except when you are in the gunfight. I found that some button actions were oddly placed, making it confusing and difficult, in the heat of gunfire, to simply hide behind cover.

This game will keep you entertained for several hours. If you're looking for the famous sandbox feel that Rockstar is famous for, and you want to be on the side of the law, then LA Noire will definitely fill that void.

LA Noire is definitely one of those titles that you do not want to miss out on. Have fun, and catch those bad guys!

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