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posted by Alwinsmd (BROOKLYN, NY) Dec 24, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

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Probably my 2nd favorite game from gamefly behind dishonored.

- The storyline is fairly interesting. Puts you in a position almost opposite from all the other games you play, and is a good change in pace.
- Interviews and Interrogations that actually affect what happens later in the case really make you think rather than just rush through.
-The old LA environment is an extremely unique one that you'll just want to drive around in.
-Side missions are fun and interesting to watch.

- Some cases can get boring/frustrating.
- Not for the faint of heart, some cases can get pretty gruesome. If you're very uncomfortable with blood, this game is not for you.
- The open world isn't very interactive, all you can do is basically chase more bad guys.

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Exceptional breath of air in a room long stagnant

posted by beeronasti (ODESSA, TX) May 17, 2011

Member since Dec 2006

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what can i say about this game. Well for certain that my father an intellectual pc gamer who enjoys myst and mutiple others of their ilk will love this game. but ya know what? i do too, its a wonderful blend of detective and rpg with a little bit of action thrown in for spice. but there is enough meat to this game to really get into. exploring dark corners, searching for clues with smooth jazz playin in the background and only ur instincts to guide you. helpfully ur instincts take the form of musical cues and controller vibrations. also i love the polite way that you can jack everyones cars, and for once i am able to make a 24 car traffic jam without cars freakin dissapearing.... although i will say that it is tough finding 95 different cars that to me all look freakin identical

the attention to detail and refined, slow paced deliberate sense of the game is a real change from that which other games attempt to cultivate. i for one enjoy really thinking out whats happening and taking my time.

a surreal yet starkly visceral adventure like white water rapids, at times mild and at times violently thrilling this is a tremendous effort that delivers on almost all fronts.

The facial reconstructions are so magnificant that you are simply willing to overlook simple flaws such as frame rate stuttering and some minor environmental glitches. while mass effect 2 is far more advanced graphically in other areas, it is the only thing i can compare this game to in terms of facial

the ability for characters to portray emotion borders on unbelievable, and never before realized in any game. this is very important due to the fact that as a cop your job is to interogate and investigate. many times it will be your reading of a person that will determine how things unfold.

Similar to heavy rain yet with just a bit of gta allows you to unfold the events as though a movie. set aside some time for this one however as its 3 disks long. or maybe i should say 3 disks awsome.

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New, Different and Enjoyable but Thoroughly Flawed

posted by TXYeti (AUSTIN, TX) May 19, 2011

Member since Aug 2010

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LA Noire is very slow, very deliberate, at times boring and at times frustrating.

That being said, the story lines and the way the cases develop are often still good enough to keep me engaged and playing.

The game is comprised chiefly of investigating crime scenes and other locations pertinent to the various cases and interviewing people. The mechanics for each of these activities are passable, but not without their flaws.

Investigating crime scenes is much more "hunt-and-peck" than an exercise in intuitive searching. A controller vibration lets you know when you're near a clue, so its often just a matter of sufficiently walking around an area to get what you need.

Interviewing persons if interest involves asking a question based on your investigation, then reacting to the P.O.I.s answer by taking it as truth, doubting it, or accusing them of lying outright (which requires soe evidence as back-up). There is only one right answer and path in any interview scenario and often times you must rely on clues from facial "tells" from P.O.I.s coupled with info and clues you've already found. The process is a little boring and can be frustrating when you don't know the path the game wants you to take.

Game play is otherwise peppered with clumsy chase sequences (both on foot and/or in a car) and a few combat scenarios. The controls for these parts are what makes them clumsy (especially running and taking cover) and they aren't in any way different or unique compared to anything you've probably already played.

On the up side, the game has the best facial animations I've ever seen. All games going forward that don't live up to this new standard will look bad in comparison. Likewise, the dialogue is well written and well delivered and the music and overall feel and 1940s atmosphere are well executed.

Like a late night crime drama on TV when you can't sleep, LA Noire is interesting enough to keep your attention 'til the end, but not good enough to go out and buy a copy.

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