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Not perfect but I dont think that what they wanted

posted by Huppydog (PORTLAND, OR) May 24, 2011

Member since Mar 2009

If you like CSI but wanted something more and if you like GTA but wanted something less...this is the game for you. No two player, no online, just you and the one thing that will keep us coming back to Rockstar forever...they didn't make this game to recreate CSI. They are up to something strange. They didn't make Red Dead Redemption to recreate another shooter. They didn't make Ping Pong to recreate Pong.
What they did was spark a flame of a question that I've had for years.
When is someone gonna make a good rodeo game where we can ride bulls?
When is someone gonna top CSI and their cheesy crud?
When is someone gonna make a good tennis game?
And my biggest prediction was that some day some one will make a console and a game that looks just like a real person is walking and talking just like we were controlling a movie.
Rockstar has set the bar on all of these things.

They made a ping pong game that is the best ever, they made a cowboy game that keeps us coming back. Now they have made a good cop game that is boring as heck but have created a new genre but they did it for one purpose.

To play L.A. Noire is to see the future of what these folks can do with graphics...period.
Forget about shooting, forget about how cars drive, forget about robbing people in an open world.
This game is only about proving to us that they can set the bar on creating graphics of the human face that will make us realize that all the muscle reflexes of other games were just the beginning of what they can do.
For now, Rockstar is missing the mark on what we want for a complete game. But I'll bet all my dollars to donuts they will be what every one envies in the end just by the bits and pieces they put together by making part of their games something no one could believe could be done.

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5 stars

posted by Dragon69 (SIMI VALLEY, CA) May 21, 2011

Member since Jul 2010

This game is pretty amazing. Right from the start it pulls you into the story of Cole Phelps' life. The game play is good and the ONLY reason it got a 9 from me is the c r a pp y GTA driving physics and controls. Other than that this game will have you up until the wee hours of the morning playing, bloodshot eyes and all. The story line is quite engaging from the get go and will surprise you with a twist that you may not expect. The graphics are insane and the recreation of Los Angeles in 1947 is spot on. Do yourself a favor and set aside a good 4-6 hour chunk of time to play this game; at least on one occasion.

The game guide will greatly assist you with finding collectibles and help in your interrogations throughout the game.

Don't be deterred by the sub-par reviews you may see. This game is not everyone's cup of tea, so to speak, and is not a run and gun game. It is kind of slow for the most part and will get repetitive. There are some gun battles throughout for a bit of action, otherwise most of it is an investigative style game.

Rockstar hit the mark with this one. Already counting the time until a sequel is released.

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LA Noire is great.

posted by viRt (CENTER POINT, AL) May 20, 2011

Member since May 2011

Only downfall of this game is the game speed, but the 1940's were also a slow time. But overall this is an excellent game. Everyone is just used to a more fast paste game. Red Dead was a boring game to me, all you do is ride on a horse and herd cattle. But if you want a new experience in gaming than this game is for you. I recommend this game to all my friends and about all 8 of them love it. I think most of the people who don't like it, can't solve the case.. Keep getting the wrong questions wrong. But overall go get this game.

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