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GF Rating


great story great game

posted by KeenanR (PENSACOLA, FL) May 30, 2011

Member since Jun 2010

i rated this game a 9 but i think it's really an 8.7.
to me, after the 1st major story arc ended, the black dahlia murder, it started to get a little boring. the story was still pretty good, the investigating and interrogations were still fun but not as much. i yearned to play a more action packed game like gears of war at times. the gameplay and story didn't grab me like heavy rain did.

the facial expressions are fantastic. the way cole phelps would curl his lips and chin screamed "earnest guy from the 1930s-40s" to me. the fist fights and shoot outs are just like a gta game only a little less clunky but i'm still not a big fan of it. i played 007 bloodstone before this game and i liked the shooting and cover mechanics of that much better.

overall the games worth checking out. i might get it again when the dlc comes out.

oh yeah, i liked the game enough to check out some movies related to the 1930s-40s LA crime dramas and the black dalhia murder. i didn't much care for the black dahlia with josh hartnet but la confidential was great.

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GF Rating


A must play!

posted by ThInKiN (SANTA ANA, CA) May 28, 2011

Member since Dec 2010

I didn't expect much when I found out that this game has no multiplayer or co op, but rockstar did it again. LA Noires single player campaign is solid. This game delivers stunning graphics and new facial animation that will bring in game characters to life like never before.

Just a few of negitives. Car steering is a quirky, when questioning some people it can get tough to read them, can not shoot while driving or roll, and finding clues can be tough.

Special Thanks to :)

GameFly -
Rockstar -

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GF Rating


Unique, Dark, Sophiscated like Sidney Poitier.

posted by 25DonkRd (ATLANTA, GA) May 26, 2011

Member since Jul 2010

Playability-9: The gameplay is fun and different. Putting little emphasis on quick switch reflexes and more on patience and perceptiveness. All the shooting mechanics work and driving is easy. Chase scenes are too scripted to feel organic, making the game play like a movie.

World-9: The envioronment is incrediblely detailed and realistic. However the fact that every NPC tells you that you are an honest cop and that that is an oxymoron is distracting and takes away from the game's realism.

Sound-10: The music is terrific, capturing the tone of the game which is dark and disturbing.

Story-8: The story is well told dark and actually sour and has some great characters. Cole Phelps and all of his partners are interesting. The inablity to be able to make certain decisions took away from my abilty to be able to enjoy the game. I wish this game had more of a morality system or at least gave the player the ability to make choices. Sometimes i felt it was more like a movie in that way than it was a game.

Completeness-9.5: Very few bugs i had one crash and characters wouldnt show up sometimes but for how detailed the game is this is an accomplishment

Last words: Wish the game would have more progression in it no reward for doing all the extra stuff this didnt factor into the score because it is an action adventure game and not an rpg but still i think it would have made the game more enjoyable . Plays too much like a movie sometimes only reward for getting further in the game is that you get closer to the end. Other than these gripes the game is high quality and definitely worth playing and buying if dlc is going to be realeased.

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