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great sleeping ad

posted by boomstik_bukaro (ORANGEVALE, CA) Jun 8, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

L.A. noire centers around a yong war hero who joins the LAPD in the late 40s. you rise through the ranks as you solve crimes in this open world. this game take lots of story elements from movies of the time, mystery and suspence around ever corner.

-the graphics are amazing especially the face animations.
-the acting is good
-story is good <at times>

-its boring. the pacing is slow as can be.
-shallow game play. you do everything you'll ever do in this game in the first 30min. (pick-up clues, chase suspect, interrogate, rinse & repeat)
-theres an open world with nothing in it. you'll fast travel most always.
-you could fail every interrogation and still pass. the game plays itself.
-cases are predictable, you know the answer to "who dunn-it" before you're able to do anything about it. for example (SPOILER) in the first case i walked up to the car and know the guy faked his death by killing a pig and he ran off with his mistress, all in the first 2mins. then my girl friend how doesn't play games walked in and she looked at the screen and said "he killed a pig and ran off with his mistress." yet i still had to go through a long line of tail chasing to come to the same conclution in the game. there are lots of cases like this.
-i had a hard to caring about the main character, and later in the game you swith characters. thats when i totally checked out.

-easy, but irritating. one has you drive ever car in the game all 95 of them. i doesn't help that there random and they all look the same.

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posted by dadonela (EVERETT, MA) Jun 7, 2011

Member since Nov 2008

I would give it a 12 if i could. Flawless!!

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Great Game...For the right people.

posted by deathgeeble (CYPRESS, CA) Jun 6, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

I'd like to say that i enjoyed the game for what it was but it could have been so much more. If your looking for action and are expecting anything along the lines of GTA or Red Dead this is probably not the game for you.

Side Missions get old . You are most likely to go on a call that ends in you killing someone followed by your character standing by a Hurst with a sullen look on his face.

Main story
The main story is great , it will pull you in and is the only reason i was able to make it through whole game. Its main feature involves looking for clues and interviewing people. It is an unique feature but can get repetitive.

Driving in the 1940's
Driving is kind of a hassle. If you want to explore and take in 1947 then you may love it . However only real point of it in this game is to get to the side missions.I let my partner drive every chance i got and am very thankful that they added such a wonderful feature.

How it could have been so much better.

-Larger verity in side missions.

-Not always having to kill almost everything.I think i got to tackle two people in the main story.Games with choices are fun.

- If you could be slightly corrupt. I know this game is based on you being a certain type of character , the good guy ,but it would have opened so many more doors.

-Give an incentive to drive a purpose . Random crime on the street and not a call you can choose to go to. Remember in Red Dead Redemption when would walk out of a bar and three or four guys on horses would be causing a ruckus, you were able to do something about that, there was an interaction there.
You should rent this game but only for the story and its main feature. Do not go into it expecting anymore than that or you will be disappointed .

I had fun with it but am glad i did not go out and buy it.

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