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Kung Fu Panda


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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Find Mantis, Viper, Crane, Tigress

At the end of the bamboo forest, there will be a small pit - go down and go left to find Mantis. To find Viper, go back to the village, go to the upper exit - the board that you stand on will make you fall down to where Viper is held. When you get out of the lair where you saved Viper, get the box and use the mantis fury technique and destroy the paper shield. Leap over the trees and go around the woodang mountains to find crane. To save trigress, in the woodang mountains, go completely to the right and down, you'll see an exit. press the button you come to, and it will shoot an arrow. Leap on the wooden stools and don't hit the arrow. when the arrow hits the sideway button it will open the door, so go in. go thru the zig zags, and you will get to tigress and you will have to face wang chow. When you beat want chow, tigress will give you the iron claw technique and she'll be free.

How to beat Kung Fu Panda DS

1st Ogway will pick Po as the dragon warrior.2nd You will go to train.3rd Monkey will let you leap of things in mid air.4th Go to the end of bamboo forest,then fall into a hole and go left Manti is there and you will have to face Iso.5th Go to the wudang mountins you will fall where Viper is.6th When you are out go to the wudang mountins and go around the mountins there is Craine.7th At the end of the mountins you will press a butten it will shoot an arrow leap with the arrow and do not hit it and door will open for a short time go in.8th You will have to do it again using the spinning feather blossem.9th Go to Tigress and you will have to fight Wang Chow.10th The dragon scroll is blank.11th Go to the prison in bamboo forest to save your dad.12th the secret to the soup is nothing.13th You will become the dragon warrior.14th Go to the jade palaces to beat Tai Lung.