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posted by GirlGamer9 (DAVIE, FL) Sep 3, 2009

Member since Aug 2009

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i got so bored so fast. graphics are great tho. and easy achievments however i couldn't get passed the 3rd level cuz i got so bored. i packaged it back up the same day.

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Above Average


posted by Gonzo151 (CHASKA, MN) Mar 9, 2009

Member since Oct 2008

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Ahhhhhhhhhhh Kung Fu Panda how i love thee ways. Lol Anyways Kung Fu Panda Is tight. Great for the Kids and Ok for adults looking for easy achievement points.

Yet there is some gripes. First the loading process you can load a level so you can redo it for Ach Points...but you have to load the next level then pause and load the level you want to go to WHY WHY WHY. Whats so hard about being able to load a previously played level after purchasing attribute points Ahhhhh (hair being Pulled out). ..............

Kid loved it though so great for kids. all in all ok game Combos were more than expected. Late

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GF Rating

Very Good

Finally a movie based game that doesn't suck!

posted by flywheels (FORT MILL, SC) Sep 9, 2008

Member since Jul 2008

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I would say my title sums it up nicely, but I'll elaborate a little.

This is a great platform type game that follows the movie's plot fairly well. Of course there is a good bit of original material to fill in the game and extend it beyond just the movie. Controls and camera are quite well laid out and easy to "master". Game play is very solid as well. There is a bit of a RPG element to the game wherein you have to buy new moves (and costumes) to fully upgrade your character. Don't worry though, the money is plentiful. Certain fights during the game required timed button presses...a little hard to first get down, but once you do you should "cruise" through the fights.

Difficulty isn't that bad either. There are certain levels that are more challenging than others, but not to the point that you don't want to play anymore because you are so frustrated.

Jack Black didn't reprise his role in the game, but I swear the guy that got for Po's voice overs in the game is a great Jack Black sound alike. All the voice work was well done, though I didn't take the time to see if all of the other characters were voiced by their movie counterparts or someone else.

For the 360, the achievements aren't that hard to obtain. You get various GS points for completing each of the 13 levels on both normal and hard (dragon warrior) by clearing it 100%. This includes all of the optional quests. The other achievements are for certain hit combos, maxing out each move category and buying everything in the game. The achievements for the clearing 100% on each level AREN'T STACKABLE...meaning you'll have to play through the game twice to get unlock them all. I thought that was a bummer, but I enjoyed the game enough to give it a second play through.

Only complaints I had with the game outside of it being short (13 short levels) was that you didn't get to control the Furious Five more than you do. Compared to most movie games these complaints are very minor. Highly recommend!

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