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Above Average

"Awesomeness"? More like average-ness

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jun 12, 2008

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Kung Fu Panda the game basically follows the same plot line as the movie - except the game has Po doing more; he has to rescue a bunch of eggs from crocodiles, wander about a desert, and take on a tribe of cat people.
But no matter what goes on, the game is a basic 3D platformer; you jump and double jump over obstacles, beat up the bad guys, search for collectible items and beat up more bad guys.
The basic controls (walk, run, jump and attack) work fine, but the characters' special moves are clunky at best.
But the worst part of the controls occurs at certain points when the game asks you to jerk the Wiimote either up, down, left or right in a timely manner. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. When it doesn't work, it can make the game very frustrating.
The camera is a small problem, but it's not as bad as other 3D platformers.
Despite those problems, the game can be beaten in three to five hours; not a good deal when you're paying $50 for it.
And the action for the most part is mashing the B button to beat up bad guys and the A button to jump from one place to another.
Kung Fu Panda: the game is a good rental, but there's not enough content for the $50 price tag.

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Pretty entertaining

posted by TheDudeKY (KATHLEEN, GA) Jan 22, 2009

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Pretty good game overall. Controls were pretty easy to use. My 7 year old loved it. My only complaint was that as the game progressed, it got harder for her to figure out how to reach objectives. This frustrated her, but she still enjoyed the game.

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Fair Movie Inspired game. Average Fighter Game!

posted by raildave (FOREST HILLS, NY) Jun 22, 2008

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Hey fellow renters!
Here is my take on this game.
Having seen the movie which was in my opinion, a good animated tribute to the Saturday afternoon Martial Arts flicks, I was eager to play the game.
I do have to say that it seems to parallel the movie fairly well, with some extra added scenes thrown in to add some more depth for gamers. It is sort of an action RPG, Martial Arts fighter, all rolled into one package. As a movie adventure it plays well, and I did like the fact that the vocals were the actors and actresses from the animated feature. Jack Black's vocals are certainly a treat, and you can tell he had fun recreating the vocals for this game.
So it is a good re-creation of the movie, and it plays like an interactive version of the film.
But as a martial arts fighter it was nothing more then what I've played before. In fact because you could not really control the camera angles, in many cases it was quite frustrating because you could not see what you were doing. That is simply a no-no for a fighting game! I also found it difficult to perform moves with the nunchakau controller, which you had to shake while pulling the trigger on the main Wii controller, as it didn't seem to respond very well.
To sum it up I am grateful for Gamefly as this makes a good rental, but since in my opinion it is not a keeper, I would have been upset, had I spent the money to buy the game.
I will be sending it back post haste, so I can get the next game in my queue.

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