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Kung Poo Panda

posted by Games_Bond (MULBERRY, FL) Oct 22, 2012

Member since Feb 2011

The movie was excellent, entertaining, and exciting, all things this game is not. We understand that movie tie-in games are not exactly high quality (that's mostly because the dev team is rushed and pushed to complete the game to coincide with the movie release) but this game raises the bar for "awful". The game not just looks last gen but it plays worse than it looks. Constant frame skipping, poor animations, and glitching environments make this game a sad disappointment. Graphics are not everything but there is a standard. Most character models are insultingly bad. (Shifu is very bad and void of pupils which gives a very unfinished look). The game company obviously did the best they could in the time given but the result is sad. As a parent I can't see most kids enjoying this. If your looking for a game for the little ones, look elsewhere. If your looking just a fun romp in the "Kung Fu Panda" world, then again look elsewhere.

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Blaze's Review

posted by Leo_the_Lion25 (SAINT LOUIS, MO) Aug 16, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

This game is very easy to platinum. Took me only 5 hours to platinum this game. 10 out of 10 if you want an easy platinum. All I did was button mash and spammed a Kung fu power over and over again because it was an instant kill. Collectibles are easy to find.

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Great for Kids & That's About It

posted by C00lstorybr0 (WINTER HAVEN, FL) May 18, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

I'll be honest, the only reason I rented this game was for what I thought was going to be an "easy" platinum (I kinda have a condition know as trophious whoriness). Be that as it may, "easy" turned in to four separate play-throughs in order to unlock one of the last trophies I needed. I even used a guide and it still took four attempts.

No, I'm not slow, and the intricate plot-line of a panda that can perform Kung Fu did not get the best of me. The reason is there are 1800 collectibles you have to find in the game for different trophies. You find these by breaking every object you can (literally) which then drops different types of collectibles (i.e. iron, gold, copper, etc.), and you need to find EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

Some how, some way, despite breaking everything that was breakable in each level on my first THREE play-throughs, I still came up short on one particular type. After running back through each level and finding NOTHING else that could break...I had to start again.

Long story short, this game was maddeningly difficult for that very reason. However, I finally did manage to collect all 1800 collectibles and this game can burn in eternal hellfire because of it. I'm not resentful at all.

Now that you have a decent understanding of my pain, the game is definitely for kids. Adult gamers and more seasoned gamers will find nothing appealing here at all. Its simplistic combat lends itself great for young children that haven't yet developed their twitch reflexes required by more complex games, and it's a great diversion if you need something to get your kids out of your hair for a few hours while you hit the bar.

The graphics were serviceable, but the low-quality development is obvious. As far as I could tell all the actors reprise their respective roles, but Jack Black still isn't funny.

I recommend this game for parents with kids or people that just can't get enough Kung Fu Panda in their daily lives...and that's about it. Trophy hunters: Ye b

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