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GF Rating

Very Good

Fun, but limited

posted by Descronan (SEMINOLE, FL) Dec 9, 2011

Member since Dec 2011

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I have been playing this with my 11 year old son and it is great fun. Like some of the others have mentioned, this game uses your image and inserts you into the game, which is extremely funny.

As far as Kinnect games go, this is my favorite so far. The action is fast, its funny, and a great workout. Any movement you make that is "fast enough" is treated like an attack and you hit your opponent. I'm not very good at the blocks and defense, but they worked well too.

Multiplayer is also fun. One or more friends use the traditional controller and duke it out while one uses the Kinnect. We traded off quite a bit.

My only real complaint is that the battles are too repetitive and the number of special moves are few. By making certain predefined poses you can power-punch and shoot across the screen, shoot lightning, create an earthquake, or slow time. While cool, it would be great to set up your own custom suite of superhero powers.

I can see this working great for adult themed parties too as it is just ridiculous to watch and play.

For parents worried about language (personally I don't care), there are some words dropped in like "time to kick ---". But nothing worse than that. The story is classic comic-book style and your image is included in the comic book pages. I wasn't happy with the voice overs, but whatever. It didn't ruin the game or anything.

Bottom line, good fun, but my son is bored with it already. We haven't tried fighting online over LIVE though. That might bring him back in. As with all Kinnect games, rent it before you buy it.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Suprisingly Awesome Game. Great Workout

posted by jebus187 (SANFORD, FL) Mar 17, 2012

Member since Feb 2012

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After reading the reviews I was not sure if I would like this game. I have to say it is extrememly fun. The game is not very dynamic as I don't think it has online multiplayer and there is not a ton of content from what I've seen so far. However this game is an incredible workout and a very funny/entertaining. I have to be careful when I play because its so fun I play till I practically have to throw up from exhaustion.

Anyway I'm buying it cuz at $19 its a no brainer(with gamefly coupon and 5% member discount). I really feel like this game got short changed and should have sold better. Gamespot gave it a 3.0 rating which leaves me to believe they are idiots and not to be used as a reference. The controls are a little annoying at times but it should have gotten at anywhere from a 5.5-7 rating overall. This game is a blast and definitely worth renting!

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GF Rating


Best Kinect game you can purchase!

posted by Gates1986 (HUTCHINSON, KS) Nov 28, 2011

Member since Nov 2011

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Let me be the first to say that I was very skeptical about this game. Mainly because...well it's not a secret that the "Good" Kinect game database isn't very large. I watched the game play videos for this game on internet and couldn't believe what I was seeing. Could it be true? A good Kinect game? Yeah I'll believe it when I see it. Well get ready to believe. I bought this game the other day and I'm exhausted from having so much fun. HOW IT WORKS: The Kinect scans your body (including your clothes) and puts you in a comic world. There is a descent story but this game is more about having fun and thankfully there is a lot of it.

This game is best played around your friends. You will have an absolute blast because everyone is intrigue by the game's premise and it's always fun to watch your friends jump, punch, and kick the air. The Kinect sensor picks up your moves with ease. I don't think I've had any issues with my moves not being recognized but if there was a time when it didn't recognize my movement I didn't notice it. To add some flavor to the mix the game allows you to scan in weapons. There is an obvious size limit but I was able to scan in a baseball bat and my friends guitar. I never thought the day would come when I would be inside a video game hitting ninja's with a acoustic guitar. The sound is exactly what you would expect from a kung fu game. The graphics help set the mood. It looks fantastic but at the same time it reminds you that you're in a comic. My only complaint is that it sometimes blurs your image on screen a little bit but it's easily fixed by turning on more lights.

I apologize for the long review but I can not give this game enough praise. If you want a great Kinect game then BUY THIS NOW! If you want to try it out first then rent it.

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