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Kung Fu Chaos

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Gameplay Controls

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Kung Fu Chaos

Left Thumbstick Character Movement
A Button Jump
B Button Trip / Pick Up / Throw
X Button Attack
Y Button Fast Attack (Counter)
White Button Heavy Attack
Black Button Spin or Running Attack
Left Trigger Taunt / Power Up
Right Trigger Block
Start Start / Pause
Combo #1 BASIC COMBOS: X + A = Heavy Attack, B then B then B (Press B to trip, B again to pick him up, and B once more to throw him), A then X = Jump Kick, Y + B = Spin Attack, Run + Y + B = Run Attack
Combo #2 BASIC ATTACK COMBINATIONS: X, X, X + A = Furious Combo, X, X, X = Rapid-Fire Combo, X, X, B = Bodyslam Combo, X, X, Y = Breakneck Combo
Combo #3 COUNTER COMBOS: Block Two Attacks, Attack Combo = Cutthroat Counter, Block Three Attacks, Attack Combo = Courageous Counter, Block Two Attacks, Y = Cunning Counter
Combo #4 THE TERRIBLE TAUNT: One Taunt gives one glowing ball power-up, Two Taunts give two more glowing balls and more power, and Three Taunts give three glowing balls and ability to use Super Attack by pressing both right and left trigger at the same time. When enemy is to perform a Super Attack, you can perform your own taunt and steal one of his glowing balls.
Combo #5 2-HIT COMBINATIONS: (Y, B), (Y, X), (Y, X+A), (Y, Y+B), (X, Y)
Combo #6 3-HIT COMBINATIONS: (X, X, B), (X, X, Y+B), (X, Y, X), (X, Y, B), (X, Y, X+A), (X, Y, Y+B), (Y, X, B), (Y, X, Y), (Y, X, Y+B), (Y, X, X+A)
Combo #7 4-HIT COMBINATIONS: (X, X, Y, B), (X, X, Y, X), (X, X, X, B), (X, X, X, Y), (X, X, Y, Y+B), (X, X, Y, X+A), (X, X, X, Y+B), (X, X, X, X+A)