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Dont dig the Kore Gang

posted by trex6504 (HAZLE TOWNSHIP, PA) Apr 24, 2013

Member since Jan 2011

I had recently played this game and thought it was an ok. It was like playing an old animated cartoon. The graphics are ok if you like playing an animated cartoon stlye game. The game controls are fairly easy to use move with the nuchuk and jump with the a button and punch with the b button. Also switch characters with the c button. The downfall I have with this game is there is no things telling you which way to go so you end up wandering around levels going in circles or falling off of ledges. I would not recommend this game to anyone unless you are looking for a boring platform game with alot of frustration.

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posted by Sparx48 (RUTLAND, VT) Oct 12, 2012

Member since Sep 2012

i played this game a while back. At first i was enjoying it, but then it was just ridiculous. if your even thinking about renting this game for a second, turn your back and say "peace". i was generous to give this game a one if i could give this game a zero i would. its by far the worst game i have ever played on gamefly ever

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At the Kore, an good game with bad camera controls

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Nov 26, 2011

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Member since Jan 2008

When a girl, a boy, a dog and some high tech machine team up to save the world from an underground invasion, you get the game The Kore Gang.
Over thirty two levels of three dimensional platforming, the gang jumps, punches, opens safes, and does other things while traversing from point A to point B. Each character takes one aspect of the game
The girl deals with the jumping, swinging and floating aspects. She is used mostly to go around obstacles or get to high places with a grappling hook.
The boy deals mostly with the combat. He’s there to beat up the bad guys, including the bosses.
The dog deals with everything else, like open safes, listen in to conversations, or stun enemies with his howl.
The trip was a fun one except for one major problem: the camera. For some odd reason, the camera keeps moving about in some of the worst positions, and I have to constantly readjust it in order to make the jump or find the enemy. I fought that camera more often that I fought any sets of bad guys – and this lead to a huge number of unnecessary deaths and respawns.
And another problem is the level design. There are areas where you might think there’s a dead end, but there isn’t because you have to manually tilt the camera up to spot some hovering targets the girl can latch on to in order to move on to the next area of the level. And some of these targets are very hard to spot, even with the camera in the right place.
But, this game does do the other aspects of the 3D platforming aspects very well, and some of the boss fights are quite fun. And with a price tag of $20, it’s a nice deal.
But I say you should rent it first to see how well you deal with that camera.

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