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posted by Darkvein (OMAHA, NE) Aug 29, 2009

Member since Jun 2006

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For a while, I enjoyed this game despite a few flaws. The overall problem with this game is the repetitive gameplay. You're generally fighting cookie-cutter monsters throughout the game with the exception of the boss fights.

The other problem, though minor, is the story. It laces the current storyline with flashbacks together - or tries to - so to provide background while advancing the storyline. It's admirable, but it can be confusing and it makes for significant stretches of time before you start the next stage. But they're skippable, so if you don't care about the story, well, you can just keep truckin'.

There are TONS of items. You get some from breaking objects on the field. You get some from defeating enemies. Be prepared to be picking up three or more items per round. This makes item management a chore, but you can combine like weapons.

There's also a huge cast that you can recruit by using 'key items' you receive. Spreading out the experience is also a chore, but you can combine characters as well by fusing souls. The only time they show in the story is during the flashbacks, so fusing souls doesn't mess up the plot.

Character type and placement is absolutely key. Some attacks move a character forward, but most of the time they're stationary. That means you need to have characters who have attacks that are capable of reaching the monsters' movement patterns.

The bullet dodging is fun. Though it's annoying when the spider monster throws up a web that covers your weapon slots. The weapons are the only real way to win a fight because normal attacks are weak, so while the web is there you just have to just wait till it's gone.

Despite these few flaws, I had fun with the game. Not a keeper, imo, but a pretty decent strategy game.

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A Masterpiece; Worth the Effort

posted by DrTrogdor (VALDOSTA, GA) Jan 23, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

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I do not have to go into the details of the game here, as they have been described in other reviews, but count me in as a believer in this game!

When you first approach the game, do not just start a new game and jump in. First, you need to read each "First Steps" and "Tutorial" section by selecting "Teaching" at the start menu. You will seriously not know what to do if you jump right in. Even better, go to the official Knights in the Nightmare page at (atlus website slash knights) to view the four company-supplied tutorial videos.

It's a lot of work to get into this game, but it is worth the effort. The way the story is told is unique, the art style is amazing, and the soundtrack, while small, is phenomenally written. Once you get the system down, you separate tactics from the "bullet h---" action - all tactics are done when you set up the map, and the action takes place during the actual battle, representing DoDonPachi much more than Ogre Battle.

Good luck to you when this arrives in the mail. If you put forth the work, you will be hooked on this game until it's all over.

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Awesome, but not for everyone-Steep Learning Curve

posted by summond822 (SALKUM, WA) Sep 21, 2009

Member since Mar 2009

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The title pretty much explains this game, certain people will play it and believe that it is one of the greatest games ever created. Other people will play it for an hour and put it in the junk pile. The reason for that is how incredibly complex this game is for a first time player.

I have never picked up a game where you can't just jump right into the first level and learn as you go, but that is exactly what happened with this game. I turned it on, started it up, and watched in amazement as I failed to complete the first level, forcing me to go back to the title screen and actually read through the tutorials.

The gameplay seems complicated at first, but it becomes second nature eventually. You control a wisp that controls knights that are essentially extensions of your power. You use weapons to activate skills to defeat enemies, all while dodging "bullets" which deal damage to your time, which is what you use to charge up skills, and when your time is up the turn ends. All the knights have "vitality" that they use when they activate skills and if they run out of vitality they disappear.

After the introduction, this game has found a special place in my heart. There are so many different characters and they all have unique skills. The majority of the characters are immobile and can only face two directions. There are really only two "knights" that are capable of moving around the screen and they become an essential strategy in completing this game.

Perhaps even more important is the slot style game you play at the beginning of each round. Pretty much, you defeat enemies so that you can line bars across to beat the map. The timing and strategy that you use here can change the complex of the entire battle.

I would recommend this game to people who are willing to go into this experience with their eyes open wide about how difficult it will be initially to learn this game. If someone isn't willing to do that, then this game isn't for them.

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