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Very Good

Enjoyable game

posted by Loki01301 (GOSHEN, MA) Dec 6, 2013

Member since Dec 2013

i have played all the devil may crys and this is just like them it even adds a little twist with having you as immortal trying to keep your charge alive the boss fights are amazingly fun and the magic is pretty cool if you like the devil may cry series i suggest trying this out

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GF Rating


Could Be Worse

posted by Jat380 (UNIONTOWN, PA) Apr 26, 2013

Member since Sep 2010

Low quality graphics, constant loading times, and repetitive music. Still, it was fun to play, which is why I gave it as high a score as I did.

This game suffer from some bad programming. The game jarringly loads cut scenes. You're traveling along when your character comes to a dead-stop, then the cut scene loads, play out, then the game loads again to bring you back to the level. You're going to see the load screen a lot. Instead of the level loading on the fly, there are many hard-points in the game where the next area loads. Have to go back? The previous area has to load at that same point.

The graphics are really sub-par. Several times you can catch the textures loading in the environment. This isn't because you're traveling too fast neither. One time I looked ahead to a near-by hill and the textures loaded. "OK, whatever. ", I thought, but I backtracked a little and returned, the same textures loaded on the same spot, on the same hill. I didn't even travel that far.

There is, like, one piece of music that plays throughout the game. There are other pieces of music that play, sure, and most of the time I didn't even notice, but, any lull and you'll hear the same couple of notes you heard a few levels back.

I hated the little guy. Annoying and constantly getting into trouble. I think he was suppose to be endearingly comical, but I just simply hated him.

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GF Rating


Epic and Excellent Game!

posted by RpgGamer4Ever (NASHWAUK, MN) Sep 11, 2012

Member since Feb 2012

When I first got the game I thought It might be like the GOW series, but it wasn't. This game had so many characteristics to stand on it's own other than being a clone of another great franchise. The story is amazing and so are the graphics, controls, and combat. Absolutely going to purchase this game! The only reason why I didn't give this spectacular game a 10 rating, is because of three reasons. The first reason was because although I don't really get freaked in games, i have a fear of snakes and these ones in the game known as "Ice Serpents" look very much realistic that it freaked me out. The second reason is because the lead character Henreich can't get defeated really, which is good, but the bad part about that is reviving him. When reviving him you have to mash the x button for a while before he get's back up, and sometimes it's either to late or just in time in your lucky to survive the battle. The last reason is because although it's really awesome that you get to play as Gretchen the main witch, she has great magic to cast upon her enemies, but when she falls or gets hurt in battle she is way to weak, and sometimes takes a while to get back up after getting knocked down by an enemy. But altogether this is a really great game, besides a few little mishaps. I would absolutely recommend this game to hardcore gamers who love rpg's and action and adventure games!

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