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Above Average

A great action game for Halloween.

posted by Vsonic (EAST STROUDSBURG, PA) Oct 19, 2011

Member since Jan 2010

The atmosphere here is great; dark, fantastical, and even a little twisted thanks to the great creature designs on display here. Unfortunately, the visuals are simplistic and sport some muddy textures. It literally looks like an HD PS2 game - a great one, like Onimusha 3, but it can't compete with games like Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. The lighting is flat too, and the character models - while generally attractive in terms of DESIGN - just aren't very detailed or well-rigged. Don't expect jaw-dropping animations from these guys.

The combat is solid; it's easy to learn, and feels great. It feels simplistic at first, but adds wrinkles - like the witch powers - that keep it relatively interesting. The Quicktime events can have some brutal timing though. The witch in question here adds a nice "partner dynamic" to the game, like Prince of Persia or Enslaved. However, that gameplay is a lot simpler here than in those games - it's much less organic than in POP, and you have less control over your partner than in Enslaved. They also fail to capitalize on it to improve storytelling - don't expect any back and forth dialogue during gameplay like in, say, Uncharted.

However, the music is fantastic. It's fully orchestrated, and accentuates the action very well. The game's also not nearly as repetitive as I thought it would be. There's a decent mix of boss fights and set pieces punctuating the action to avoid becoming stale. The second stage, for example, begins with an old-school Crash Bandicoot-style "run away from the monster towards the camera" sequence.

I really like this game. But it's also, admittedly, unamazing. There's a lack of ambition to the gameplay and level design that undermine it's cool, unique premise and fantastic atmosphere. If you loved the Maximo games back in the day, or already played through Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and cravee more horror-themed actoin games, Knight's Contract is an easy recommendation. Just don't expect it to be as good

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posted by Shadley (MOUNT HOLLY SPRINGS, PA) Oct 14, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

Very pretty game. VERY frustrating loading screens. Maybe I'm just picky. Seeing how others rate online might be nice for some, but I just want to play the game and contant prompting doesn't change my mind. Poor save opportunities - look forward to waiting for your magic to load as you play Gretchen solo. This game may be worth a try, but I wouldn't buy it.

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posted by beowolf (CLEVELAND, OH) Jun 20, 2011

Member since Feb 2010

have to stop in middle of fight to heal girl

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