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GF Rating


Epic and Excellent Game!

posted by RpgGamer4Ever (NASHWAUK, MN) Sep 11, 2012

Member since Feb 2012

When I first got the game I thought It might be like the GOW series, but it wasn't. This game had so many characteristics to stand on it's own other than being a clone of another great franchise. The story is amazing and so are the graphics, controls, and combat. Absolutely going to purchase this game! The only reason why I didn't give this spectacular game a 10 rating, is because of three reasons. The first reason was because although I don't really get freaked in games, i have a fear of snakes and these ones in the game known as "Ice Serpents" look very much realistic that it freaked me out. The second reason is because the lead character Henreich can't get defeated really, which is good, but the bad part about that is reviving him. When reviving him you have to mash the x button for a while before he get's back up, and sometimes it's either to late or just in time in your lucky to survive the battle. The last reason is because although it's really awesome that you get to play as Gretchen the main witch, she has great magic to cast upon her enemies, but when she falls or gets hurt in battle she is way to weak, and sometimes takes a while to get back up after getting knocked down by an enemy. But altogether this is a really great game, besides a few little mishaps. I would absolutely recommend this game to hardcore gamers who love rpg's and action and adventure games!

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GF Rating


Great game for button mashers

posted by nellyhoose (FRESNO, CA) Jul 15, 2012

Member since Dec 2008

The plot line is ok, could have been a lot worse.

One of my biggest complaints about the game was in the in game map. There were several times that the maps were completely worthless and it took literally hours to get out of the area I was in or continue (it's worse the second time when you through the Witches Enclosure).

Game play was pretty good, who doesn't love mashing the buttons and kicking butt.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Good story marred by bad choices

posted by tjsmoke (NORTHAMPTON, PA) Jan 22, 2012

Top Reviewer

Member since Dec 2008

"Knights Contract" could have been an excellent game, an action/adventure title that certainly could have given the "Devil May Cry" series a run for its money. The premise is terrific- you play as Heinrich, a former executioner cursed with being immortal, who accompanies the last witch he executed, Gretchen, who's come back to take down who fellow witches who've gone over to the dark side under the villain Faust. The graphics, music, and voice acting are all fairly decent, and the story, while not the best, is still interesting and decently written. Combining the brute strength of Heinrich with the magic of Gretchen works nicely in taking a variety of foes down over the course of the game's 20 episodes. But here's the big problem- Heinrich is immortal, Gretchen is not. If Heinrich gets smashed to a pulp, repeatedly jamming on the X button brings him back. If Gretchen dies, it's game over. Sadly, Gretchen is not the smartest AI in a game, and she often hurls herself into the fray even when her health is dangerously low. You can pick her up to revive her health bar, but this isn't always easy to do, especially in the middle of a boss battle. Speaking of boss battles, they all follow the same pattern- go through 3-4 health bars than master a QTE. The QTE isn't very forgiving, and if you mess up, the boss regains health, but you don't. This leads to some very cheap deaths, as do some very bad camera angles. Also, there's no jump button, unusual for a game of this type. The map is all but useless, and some levels can get confusing, as you often have to backtrack. It's a shame the developers made these bad choices, because most players won't even get to see the story to its conclusion, as these problems may cause them to quit the game in frustration. I recommend you rent this only, unless you can pick it up dirt cheap. If you have patience (you'll need it) it could take you about 8-10 hours to reach the end. A shame, considering what this could have been.

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