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GF Rating


No Spoilers, just why this is bad

posted by Love4Games (SAN DIEGO, CA) Apr 14, 2011

Member since May 2005

7 out of 15 gamers (47%) found this review helpful

Let's put aside the terrible story, terrible voice acting, and okay (probably sub par) graphics.

Thats right put that aside and focus only on the game play, is this fun.

It is easy to get lost in this game, and they try to hide areas by making terrible camera angles.

The worst parts, in my opinion, are the boss fights. They are incredibly easy BUT during the ending fight sequence if you don't press a button in time (and sometimes even when you press the right button in time) you have to fight again with the boss having 2 full bars of health. You might think this is no big deal but maybe your girlfriend or cat is harrassing and you miss the last button, twice. You will be ready to return the game.

After the fire boss I had to stop playing. there is a reason why the score is so low.

I gave it a 3 because that is what stage i got to before quitting. stay away!!!

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GF Rating


GF Saves Again

posted by mournen (LEWISVILLE, TX) Jun 27, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

1 out of 2 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

I am sure glad I rented this instead of purchasing. It is a real disappointment that such a great concept was wasted on such poor game design.

Rich detail in most areas. They are about average for a console game. Cut scenes are many but enjoyable plus the player can skip past them.

Plenty of thought went into this. Each witch has a good amount of background and the player gets a sense of reason for the encounter. The bond between Heinrich and Gretchen is a good catch and fathomable. The concept really makes the player want to get through to the end and get the whole story.

The music is well done for the medieval period. Settings are limited and cut scene voices can be low if you turned down the volume of the music.

Normal Hack and Slash play through is enjoyable enough and the addition of witchcraft from Gretchen (either controlled and AI) is a bonus. Boss battles are the nail in the coffin. Though they can be fun to figure out and the quick time events (QTE) do give ample time to select, missing the selection on the QTE tends to cause a redo of the whole battle. This isn’t always the case but occurs enough. A great annoyance is Gretchen’s AI. She has a tendency to just stand there and take it when Heinrich is trying to revive. The real killer of these encounters are the horrible camera angles and either Heinrich or Gretchen getting tossed of the side of whatever high place the encounter is taking place at. This occurs way too often and too easily. Getting beaten by the boss due to poor planning is fine but getting tossed off a bridge over and over is a quick trip back to the mail box.

It is more aggravating that the player wants to get to the end of the story yet is unable to due to such poor design. If you have the patience of steel to get past the design then rent the game. No matter how good the story is, it won’t matter if the player doesn’t want to finish the game and this is what earned it a 1.

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GF Rating



posted by adam18man (PRATTVILLE, AL) Apr 9, 2011

Member since Dec 2010

3 out of 12 gamers (25%) found this review helpful

this game just sucks

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