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GF Rating


Intriguing but highly aggravating

posted by grim_reaper92 (BLUE MOUND, TX) Jul 21, 2011

Member since Jul 2011

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

I got this game recently and I got pretty into it at first. I mean the graphics are pretty good I don't know what everyone else is seeing, and the controls are simple and it is very easy to throw in some devastating combos with the help of your sidekick witch. The storyline is actually pretty great don't listen to people who say it isnt . But there were some major flaws that I had to endure with extreme patience such as when heinrich becomes immobalized you have to button mash the x button a million times before he becomes whole again. Now I understand they tried using this as a challenge because while you are immoblized your sidekick decides to still attack and if she's dies you start over, there are ways to get around this button mash and that is to have gretchen give up more than half of her health just to revive, or you can keep using her magic to knock enemys back while trying to break your x button. The other pain is the boss battles they have so much health which isn't a problem because they are easy battles but the problem happens when you get there health all the way down and you mess up on the button your suppose to push during the cutscene of trying to finish the boss off and if you mess up the boss recovers 2 to 3 bars of health back. If they changed up the battles alittle this game would have been a great one.

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GF Rating


Waste of time and money

posted by Demsky (COATESVILLE, PA) Mar 4, 2011

Member since Mar 2008

30 out of 51 gamers (59%) found this review helpful

Knights Contract should have never been made the time money and resources put into making this game wouldve have been better served building habitat for humanity or feeding starving children someting more useful than this unentertaining piece of waste of DVD. Let us list the cons i experienced in the 1 hour i could withstand playing this mess. Bad control scheme( no jump button in an adventure game?)Muddy graphics.Terrible dialogue. Uninspired enemies.Unreliable QTEs. Map is unhelpful as it doesnt point to a specific goal. Worst of all there is a cutscene every 2-3 mins for everything imaginable, walk a few steps then there is a cutscene of you walking a few more. Fight some enemies then watch a cutscene of them talking about it, walk some steps another cutscene.Long loading times even with installation and this was all in the first hour or so of play at which point i ejected from ps3 placed back in GF envelope and will be proceeding to mail back immediately. Which brings me to my pro for the game it is a rental. TGGF(Thank God for Game Fly).

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GF Rating

Very Good

I really enjoy this

posted by fogopop (SUNRISE, FL) Sep 9, 2011

Member since Feb 2007

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

If this game was called "Call Of Halo Resistance 4 Dead Killzone Black Ops Fallout" people would have liked it. I guess Ban Dai didn't pay reviewers enough to give this a good score.

The combat is fluid. I haven't experienced any slowdown. The story is interesting with the twist that your character can't be killed, but you have to protect someone who can. She can take care of herself, but you don't want to stray too far from her.

I like this very much and wish more people would give different games a chance.

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