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Just Ok

posted by BruceF (BENTONVILLE, AR) Oct 16, 2011

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Member since Nov 2007

This game was OK for what it is. You basically kill stuff, get souls for doing that, upgrade you powers, then kill more stuff. A decent smattering of boss battles is also thrown in. I didn't like having to find your way through a rather repetitive series of mazes about every other chapter. Lots of back tracking and boredom.

The story was ok and the achievement list was realistic. More than half can be achieved on one play through, but getting all 1000 will require multiple play throughs. I was pretty much done after my first run through so back it went.

Good for a rental and some quick points. Completionists beware you will spend some serious time on this game to get the 1k.

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Are you kidding? This game is great!

posted by Taiyu_Ryu (PORTLAND, OR) Oct 5, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

Honestly you'd have to be a vegetable not to be able to play this game. It's not broken they just suck. I defeated all of the bosses except one on Knight difficulty in the first try. It's not that hard, you want to talk about hard go play donkey kong country 2 on the super nintendo.

However, the only bad thing is that the gameplay is chopped up by cinematics and it's rather short beat it in almost a day. So if your looking for something you can quickly beat go for this one. If you don't like lots of twists and turns in your plot play this too, they give away nearly all the secrets int he beginning of the game.

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I've come to hate the A button

posted by kodiac (FORNEY, TX) Oct 4, 2011

Member since May 2007

The story line was the typical, good versus evil. The concept was actually kind of cool, and the dialoge, wasn't horrible to the point that I was reaching for the controller and the mute button. The game play I would rate as mediocre. HOWEVER, I got so flippin tired of pushing the A button, I was ready to throw my controller. The main character Hiemlich is a knight that is immortal.......unfortunately, when you sustain enough damage it did drop him to the ground and make him utterly useless. It was at that point the witch ( who you are contracted to ) revives you. And how exactly does the witch revive you? By pressing the A button repeatedly. I honestly felt that I was playing Mike Tysons Punch Out for the Nintendo with as many times as the A button has to be pressed during the game.

Basically I'm saying this....if you want a game that doesn't require much thought, or higher brain function, AND you your favorite thing in the world to do is press the A button several hundred times, this is the game for you! All others should avoid the game like the plague.

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