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This is not Dark Souls

posted by DarkoHCP (CHICAGO, IL) Apr 23, 2014

Member since Apr 2006

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Why is this so frustrating? There is nothing wrong with being compared to old-school platformers, but this is a bad platformer. So many conventions were ignored. Checkpoints should be obvious and reset all stats, not just health. Special moves should be available frequently, and not wasted if you die. Enemies should not be so devastating, especially on the Normal setting. Dodging should make you temporarily invulnerable (he's not even a solid object for crying out loud!). My wife was cringing at the thought of trying to play this herself.

SCE Japan seems to have an iffy track-record and this seems to be more proof that they need some real design work over there. Interesting mechanics are meaningless without good game design. I won't even go into the story--the premise is all over the place. The only real plus is that it is fairly pretty, but the camera was on rails. They should have talked to the God of War team in Santa Monica about good camera work.

This game was just feels like a prototype that lucked its way into production. A sequel would certainly be welcome, but try some playtests before its released.

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Above Average

It was fun.

posted by worstcaster (ROSCOE, NY) Apr 10, 2014

Member since Apr 2014

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Knack was fun to play and given the limited amount of game available for the newly released PS4 I would recommend playing it. The story wasn't bad but could have been more fleshed out and detailed. Many plot points left you with unanswered questions by the games end.

Changes in Knack's size seemed more driven by the plot then by actual control by the player, with very few exceptions.

The platforming was ok but could have been more challenging then it was. The levels were very linear and seemed at many points to discourage backtracking and exploration, which was very disappointing. The levels could defiantly have benefited from design styles more in keeping with Ratchet and Clank and Jak and Daxter.

Combat was ok but could become redundant quickly. Punching was alright but limited to a series of combo punches on the ground and a rolling meteor strike into enemies while jumping. When changing size from gigantic knack into a small version the difference in the length of your punches could cause some very unfortunate error in judgement when throwing a punch. It also would have been nice to have quick vs. heavy attacks similar to what is in the God of War series. The next major combat mechanic was the super moves you could unleash using the power of sunstones. These were effective in getting you out of very dangerous situation and the limitation on how often you could use them required some discretion. There were a very points where you could pick up objects and throw them but it was very clunky compared to punching and super moves. It seemed almost safer to ignore picking up an object to throw because the time it took often exposed you to injury. This is too bad. The size changing nature of Knack made it seem like this could have been a better method than it was. Smoother quicker movement is needed to fix this problem. It also would have been nice to be able to hold onto these objects for a while and use them as melee weapons.

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Knack does not posses the Knack to fully entertain

posted by XxApolloxX (MISSION, TX) Apr 10, 2014

Member since Apr 2011

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To begin, the pros of the game. It is graphically a beautiful game, and the difficulty challenge is somewhat satisfying. Sadly that is all the good things I can say about this game. Even for a kids game, the quality of story telling and game-play variety is remarkably low. Every aspect of this game gets extremely repetitive. And if you're a trophy hunter, I wouldn't recommend renting this game, it is very difficult to even hit 70% in this game.

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