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GF Rating


The most average game you'll ever play.

posted by Ahiam94 (COTTAGE GROVE, OR) Jan 15, 2014

Member since Dec 2013

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When I first played this game I was excited. I got my PS4 and I was ready to play a next gen game! After beating the first level, I noticed something. I wasn't bored, but I was also not having any fun at all. That's a feeling that goes on the entire time you play this game. Every level is so incredibly average. There's absolutely nothing special about this game. The characters are very linear and have no depth. One character has a "tragic" back story, but it's not enough to make me care about him. Knack himself really doesn't stand out as a character. Nothing he says makes you like him, and most of his lines are cheesy and have been said by every other "super cool" cliche character. The story isn't really anything worth mentioning. Imagine Uncharted, but not interesting. The villains try too hard to make you not like them, but aside from the girl (who reminded me of an evil, not cool, Laura Croft) I really didn't mind any of the enemies. The music is so easy to miss I almost forgot it had music, so nothing worth mentioning there. And then there's the gameplay. At a first glance, this game seems like it might be really fun. Don't let that fool you, it's not. Every level starts you off as a tiny verison of Knack. EVERY LEVEL! Playing as him makes you feel defenseless and incredibly weak. It's not until at least half way through EVERY level you become as strong as a level one character in any other game. But, every level has a point where you become pretty big, or in some cases massive. This is when the game gets fun. It's always entertaining running around smashing tanks with one punch. Sadly, every single time you become huge and start actually having fun, it takes no more than three minutes for the game to come up with a lame excuse to shrink you back down and make you weak again. There really isn't anything wrong with this game, it's just that there isn't anything good about it either. If you're looking for the next gen experience. Look somewhere else.

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GF Rating


Unique. A rewind on classic type games.

posted by FFCollector (EDGEWOOD, MD) Nov 6, 2014

Member since Oct 2014

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Starting the game its tutorial after tutorial. After about 30 minutes into the game is where it gets better. It reminds me of when I first picked up Ratchet and Clank back on PS2. Not complicated at all as the areas for exploring are stream lined. A great game for those beginning their PS4 gaming.

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GF Rating


cool but not enough variety

posted by SoulDragons (ANDERSON, SC) May 15, 2014

Member since Sep 2011

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Game was fun but I kept getting the feeling that I needed a little more variety to the enemies and more ability to use gadgets than allowed. Graphics were good and story line was decent so definitely a rent but did fall short on excitement.

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