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posted by duckshmuck0954 (DILLON, CO) Mar 18, 2014

Member since Jan 2014

This game is absolutely an amazing game showing off the next-gen graphics, which people think hard to believe. The reviews by IGN, GameSpot and etc. were dumb and just like twisting my nipples. They give HORRIBLE reviews and don't know what a good or great game is when it hits them in the face next-gen style.
- Great Creative Next-Gen Graphics for a good start.
- Lovely voice acting for a cartoony game
- Great Gameplay
- I'd say about 28 hours of campaign
- Dare I say Multiplayer (Co-Op)
- Smooth Controls
- Amazing Fun For Little Kids And Adults
- Funny
- And quite challenging

All in all, this game is worth a buy. If I'm not convincing enough then try it for yourself. This game is amazing!
If its too good for you, just give it a rent.

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Fun game! Like playing in a pixar movie.

posted by LawlietBlack (PORTLAND, OR) Mar 15, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

Its a fun game. More causal than COD or MW. Knack is adorable and super strong at the same time and the game introduces some interesting mechanics. Its not a game changing game (punny!) but its def worth a play. If you have kids or are a kid at heart who enjoys pixar movies and more causal games then go for it. If you are 13 year old with no life and/or a hardcore Call of Dutier then skip it.

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Above Average

The kids had a Knack for this one...

posted by Crashster (GARLAND, TX) Mar 14, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

I rented Knack to play with the kids, and it held their interest for a little while.

Knack is an adventure game that was clearly designed for one player, but had two player functionality thrown in at the last minute. The second player can spawn at any time to help punch baddies and is basically a smaller, less powerful clone of you (Knack). The functionality and options for this second player are very limited, but when playing with the kiddos I actually thought this was a good way to do it. It was easy for the kids to come and go as they pleased while I controlled the main character to solve puzzles and beat up the big guys. The game held their interest in about one hour bursts, then they wandered off to Minecraft or the TV.

The hidden treasures serve as powerups, but you'll probably only get enough parts to complete one or two before you finish the game. This is by design, as they want you to replay the story over and over to collect them all. The game was fun and the story animations were entertaining. The story was Indiana Jones-esque, but more geared towards children. However the Japanese influence shines through, as there are tragic elements like death and betrayal scattered throughout. However it didn't hold my interest for more than one play through.

Overall, this is a perfect game to rent through Gamefly. It's fun to play through once and beat, but after that you'd probably never play it again. If you are young or have young children you'd like to play a game with, you'll enjoy this one. If you are an older gamer, you'd probably find it to be a bit repetitive and childish.

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