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a trippy childish, addicting game.

posted by whocares1 (STONEHAM, MA) Jul 12, 2009

Member since Jul 2007

Let me say right off the bat, Klonoa, at first glance, is a very trippy, and childish side scrolling 3-d platformer. while it is trippy, childish, and at times in the dialogue, lame, it is also one of the most addicting titles of the year so far.

First off, the graphics are beautiful, most of the time. sometimes during cut scenes the characters you're talking to seem to look a little crude, especially the fish people. But every character and object has a certain shine to it and are all very colorful and original.

As you make your way through a level, you find that your environment tends to change. you may be walking down a straight path and than all of a sudden, the path loops around something and your camera angle completely changes. And the camera does a great job keeping up with the changing activity.

All of the levels are original and creative and are a blast to play through. the grabbing and throwing technique works well, except at certain times when i was being bombarded with enemies, I had trouble throwing enemies behind me.

The game is fairly easy at first, but as you get to the last few levels, the difficulty definately does pick up.

I think my biggest gripe with the game is the story and writing. The dialogue was very childish. We find the characters thanking everyone they come across repeatedly for any help they give. and Klonoa's best friend, Hewpoe, a blue orb, has an extremely annoying voice. There are many cliques thrown around in the game, as far as writing goes. The odd thing is, this game has one of the saddest endings in video game history (no exageration) and the ending is actually rather disturbing. It makes me wonder why the people making this game would gear this game towards such a younger audience and make the game so whimsical, but than give the game such a sad and bizarre ending.

But besides that last gripe, the game is one very addicting platforming title,

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Satisfactory remake for Wii low on replayability.

posted by Funfan12 (ALEXANDRIA, VA) Jun 30, 2009

Member since Oct 2005

Klonoa was originally released for the PlayStation (1) over 10 years ago, and they've remade it on Nintendo Wii.
The good news is that this game is really what the Wii is for. A family-friendly platformer that's the pick-up-and-play type with good use of the Wii remote.
The game is also high on plot and a good plot runs straightforward throughout the game. The plot takes dips and turns but is never confusing because the setting, enemies and level sytle relate to the part of the story. But there are only 14 levels which each take around 10 minutes to complete. By Level 3 the game's story and controls seem repetitive and boring, but when you start the game feels fresh and fun.
The game's controls copies from other platformers, like a student's completed work when they cheated off someone's test. The replayability is low. The graphics are satisfactory.
I hate to say this on a remake that sounds wonderful of a classic video game, but the adventure Klonoa is a little bit boring. If you have any interest, however, rent it, because the replayability is very low EVEN if you loved the game by heart.
Most people, however, should skip it.

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GF Rating

Very Good

very good, very cute

posted by studboy (LA VISTA, NE) May 30, 2009

Member since May 2009

I really,really like this game, however, near the beginning it is extremely boring, repetetive, andnot very fun. But,later in the game it will have a tremendous difficulty and puzzle spike. Also, this is more of a game for kids due to it's insane amount of cuteness so be warned.

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