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It was simply nothing special

posted by mehrkat (AUSTIN, TX) Jan 20, 2010

Member since Jun 2008

The graphics were pretty and neat but the controls were just to plain to make it fun.

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Very Good

the goods and bads

posted by klonoa5370 (KEYSTONE HEIGHTS, FL) Jan 9, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

This game is very good exept the fact that it is almost a complete ripoff of sonic.Allthough it has good graphics and plot , the gameplay is simple and different but awsome. It needs to be easier with more action.The final level is very difficult i cannot finish it.I love the charactors and overall it is my new favorite

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An fine game... back in it's day that is.

posted by Shnazzyone (MANLIUS, NY) Dec 15, 2009

Member since Sep 2009

If you loved Klonoa back in it's early days on PS1 then you are in for a monumental treat. Everything about it is perfectly intact and there has been a major graphical upgrade done to this game. These levels are absolutely beautiful especially when compared to the original. It even runs a solid 60 fps through the whole game making everything fluid and quite delightful. If there was ever a quintessential version of this game to own this is it.

The problem is that it is still a ps1 game with ps1 game mechanics. It was from back in a day when Sony was still trying to find their platforming character that Sega had in Sonic and Nintendo already had in mario. The gameplay is unique as it is a essenially an early 2.5 d sidescroller. This makes for some very mind bending gameplay as you have to often consider what's in the background as much as the foreground your currently running on. A neat idea that works well. Levels are more or less well designed but a tad overly simplistic. It's a game that is over flowing with imaginative character design but flunks out when it comes to the game itself.

It has major faults. For one it uses old tired methods to increase the difficulty. Tiny platforms and obstructed jumps become the tools the developers cling to make the game more difficult in the end levels. That and flat out frustrating enemy placement. Also, the boss battles just don't seem to measure up to the difficulty of each level. You almost have to expect a single dull pattern for each of these beautifully rendered bosses. The plot is certainly not the best either and the voice acting is somewhat grating at times.

Overall, if you love sidescrolling action platformers and want to give this a try. Then by all means give it a shot! It has a very old school feel... but if your looking for a deep game with revolutionary ideas... you should look elsewhere, this title is just a bit too archaic by today's standards. Undeniably beautiful though, maybe best for kids.

Score: 7/1

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