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posted by neovengean (LOS ANGELES, CA) Nov 11, 2010

Member since Feb 2008

I am happy that i gave this game a chance, just by looking at it does not do justice, after playing it i noticed, this game has high replay value.
The graphic look better than most of the game out for the wii.

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Plain and simple

posted by ZBandicoot (CLINTON, IL) Jul 17, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

Klonoa: Door to Phantomile is a platforming game for the Playstation, the game was successful enough to spawn a few sequels, but they didnt do as well. Now Klonoa comes out, and it was going to breath life into the series, but I cant say it did it well enough. The game starts out with Klonoa having a dream about a ring falling from the sky, then a little blue thing named Huwpoe comes out and becomes his friend. As they hop along in the woods together darkness covers the sky. Klonoa wakes up from his deram in a fright, only to seehis friend Huwpoe sitting there smiling at him. Then you get to play the game and I must say the graphics are fantastic. The characters look smooth and the backgrounds are colorful and vibrant. Now something was added from the original game that I really did not like: the voice acting. Klonoas did not fit his look, Huwpoes was flat out annoying and everyone elses sounded fake. Getting past that though, the gameplay was great. You cannot jump on enimies, but use your ear/hand things to pick up and throw them.I loved this aspect but not as much as something else.Every level is sidescrolling but in a 3-d way. For example, on one path you can walk on now but in the background you see where the path will be later, if that makes sense. also you can throw your enemies into the background or foreground. Although this tossing technique is fun, they didnt use it enough for it to have the right amount of potential. If it were used in more innovative ways it would have been TONS better. But I think this issue comes from being about one-third the games length should have been. only 12 levels makes the game too short. It felt like a third of a game like I said before. And the difficulty reflects this also. You can gethit a whopping 10 times before you die. Any time you do die is from falling in a hole from thin platforms.
Pros: Good gameplay, I like the grabbing thing
Cons: Too short and easy, WASTED POTENTIAL

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Above Average

Great gameplay, but short and bad dialogue.

posted by PiPanda (WASHINGTON, DC) Apr 18, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

The core gameplay from the original and other Klonoa games is there, and it's as good as ever, though a bit easier than Klonoa 2's. The new graphics are a nice improvement on the original if you're into the 2.5D thing (which I totally am), but seem dated for a game coming out for the Wii. Still, many of the levels are quite pretty. Unfortunately, there isn't much time to enjoy them, as the game is very short (~5-10 hr). The big problem though, is that the dialogue in the game is just awful, painful to listen to even. Despite that, the story is interesting enough (same as the first game), just so poorly acted out that you feel like the voice actors might not speak the language(s), (Japanese voice-overs are the same way too).
All in all, the game is worth a play if you can tollerate some annoying dialogue (or you just skip it with [-]). It's even more so if you played the original, but it's not good enough to hold it's own in the Klonoa series.

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