Rent Kirby and the Amazing Mirror for GBA
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Kirby and the Amazing Mirror

Not Rentable
GF Rating

416 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Kirby and the Amazing Mirror

Control Pad Highlight Menu Selections
A Button Select Highlighted Menu Item
B Button Back to Previous Menu/Cancel

Control Pad Move. Dash (Double-Tap).
A Button Jump. Float (Keep Pressing A Button). Swim Up (Underwater).
B Button Inhale (Copy Enemy's Ability). Press Again to Exhale (Attack). Squirt Water (Underwater).
L Button Return to Beginning of Game (Press and Hold)
R Button Use Cell Phone
Start/Pause Pause
Combo #1 Start + Select + A Button + B Button = Reset Game
Combo #2 A Button, A Button, B Button = Shoot Air Puffs
Combo #3 Control Pad Down, Down + A Button or B Button = Slide
Combo #4 Control Pad Up + B Button = Final Cutter
Combo #5 Control Pad in Direction You Are Moving + B Button = Hammer Attack
Combo #6 Control Pad Down + B Button = Stone Attack