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Very Good

Kirby is back!

posted by Yoshi2000 (CARLTON, OR) Jan 31, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

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Kirby Super Star Ultra is a remake of Kirby Super Star, and a nice remake, too.

First off, you get the 6 games that were in Kirby Super Star, plus 5 more games. There are 3 new minigames, however none of them are very memorable(maybe snack tracks...). Eventually you will also unlock the 2 minigames in Kirby Super Star.

You can call helpers and have them CPU controlled, or if you know someone else who has the game, they can play as the helper, which can make the game even better.

Now the bad news. The 5 new games aren't new levels. Revenge of the King is just the first game, but harder. MetaNightmare Ultra is just playing through most of the first 6 games. Then there is the Arena, where you fight most of the bosses in the game. Helper to Hero is the same thing, but you play as a helper instead of Kirby. Finally, the True Arena is where you fight the remaining harder bosses.

I would have rated this a 7 if I had played Kirby Super Star before, so for those who have, there's not much your missing, unless you really want to play this game again.

But, for people who haven't, this will be an enjoyable game, and I reccomend it.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Good remake but falls short from perfect

posted by floopes (GALAX, VA) Jul 19, 2011

Member since Jul 2009

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Okay so the game is a remake of the super Nintendo game but with a few added games. Nice to play through the game on a portable system instead of sitting in front of a TV. Everything was in the exact same place as the original game. One of the added games was that your went through 5 of the games with meta knight instead of Kirby. Very very very nice i mean extremely. I loved playing at meta knight because I've always wanted to see how he would play. Overall i suggest renting this game instead of buying it. Its really short and can be beat in bout 5 to 6 hours.

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GF Rating


A classic brought back.

posted by liukangx (CANAL WINCHESTER, OH) Sep 24, 2008

Member since Dec 2005

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If you played the original like me, you were probably jumping for joy when it was announced for DS. The question is does it live up to the original?

Answer? Heck yeah!!

Kirby brings back his "8-in-one" game pack, with some extras.

Snack Tracks
Kirby Card Swipe
Kirby on the Draw

In Snack Tracks, Kirby is standing in front of a conveyor belt which is carrying food towards them, attempting to eat the most of the four while also touching non-food objects to keep them out of Kirby's path. Kirby Card Swipe requires the player to view a certain number of cards with images on them, wait for an image to show on the top screen, and then touch whatever card matches the image shown. Kirby on the Draw requires Kirby to shoot at images that appear in a shooting gallery. Like in many shooting galleries, most images give the player extra point, while some give negative points.

The orginal 8 games that were in the original use the same classic Kirby element as it did before, so it isn't hard to get a hang of.

Old Kirby fans will love playing this again, while some may get bored a little because its the same game they played.

I can't I love this game when it came out and still love it to this day.

In closing why don't you stop reading and go play it... NOW!!!

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