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Kirby Mass Attack


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GF Rating

928 ratings

Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Silver Crown (Kirby Quest)

Clear a Chapter in Kirby Quest

Gold Crown (Kirby Quest)

Clear a Chapter in Kirby Quest with a perfect score

Special Shot 1

Collect all Medals

Special Shot 2

Complete every task on the checklist

Unlock Checklist 2

Earn 100 medals

Unlock Checklist 3

Earn 120 medals

Unlock Checklist 4

Earn 140 medals

Unlock Checklist 5

Earn 160 medals

Unlock Kirby Curtain Call

Earn 20 medals

Unlock Dash Course

Earn 25 medals

Unlock Strato Patrol EOS

Earn 35 medals

Unlock Kirby Quest

Earn 50 medals

Unlock Game Album

Earn 65 medals

Unlock Checklist 1

Earn 80 medals

Special Shot 3

Get 100%

Unlock Field Frenzy

Earn 5 medals

Unlock Music Player

Earn 10 medals

Unlock Survival Rush

Earn 186 medals

Brawlball Boss Rush

Hold Right on the Control Pad, Select, and B on the Brawlball title screen.

Unlock Kirby Brawlball

Earn 15 medals