Rent Kirby: Canvas Curse for DS
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Kirby: Canvas Curse

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Last three medals

The last three medals can be obtained by earning an "A" rank in level 3 in each of the subgames.

Best Dash-Jumpers

The best two characters for the Dash Jump are Meta Knight and Waddle Doo.

King DeDeDe

To unlock King DeDeDe, you must complete the game as Kirby to unlock Waddle Dee. Then in Medal Swap, you can purchase King DeDeDe for 20 medals.

Easy lives

You can earn nine lives on the Dash! Jump! mini-game by landing in the small space at the end. Land between 3300 and 3400 to earn nine lives. It is easiest with Meta Knight.

Trade backs at the metal swap

Go to the metal swap and touch a plate until you have whatever is behind it. Do not touch anything yet, If it is something you do not want or if it is useless (such as a song) immediately turn off the game then turn it back on. You will still have all the metals, and the game thinks nothing happened. This trick does not work if you exit the metal swap before you turn off the power.

Game references

In Paint Skate mode, you can see things such as the Triforce or the Super Smash Bros. symbol.