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posted by TweekTra (MILWAUKEE, WI) Oct 26, 2010

Member since Dec 2008

3 out of 8 gamers (38%) found this review helpful

Never been a kirby fan before. Am now, that little pink gangster.

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Kirby Epic Yarn - well done game!

posted by CritScott (QUAKERTOWN, PA) Oct 25, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

24 out of 26 gamers (92%) found this review helpful

I certainly agree with the praises I read. I would try not to repeat the same comments, but I can definitely add more:

After getting this 1 day after release, this is one of the most calming, non-frustrating, relaxing games I have ever played!

The gorgeously-rendered eye candy is woven throughout, in the theme of yarn and patchwork, which is completely innovative and creative in design. The story and theme are so well-done that you might actually think it might lack in gameplay - not so! (ie: Ivy the Kiwi was beautiful, but lacks any real depth.) Admittedly, the cuteness aspect is the only factor that might hold it back for "hardcore gamers", but it's a non-violent, pleasant experience for the younger or older age bracket.

I can play this before bed, and actually sleep better. Charming, heartwarming music & storytelling elements are in full effect and this side scroller does remind me of super mario wii (without the gruesome heart wrenching deaths!) Although you cannot "die", you certainly get penalized by losing your amassed gems. Personally, I LOVE this aspect - it's still a challenge, and there are many progressing puzzle-solving skills needed to find objects, avoid obstacles, and finding treasures to decorate your [Kirby & Prince Fluff's] house.

Creatively and artistically, I have not seen too many games offer this kind of quality design & gameplay. (Reminiscent of Orisinal games) Each screen and level I played had unique, different set of actions and puzzles to solve, so I was not bored at any point. I give it a high replay value.

I also was pleasantly surprised at almost every corner with another form this yarn character took. New controls and new skills are needed each time Kirby changes form. I laughed when I got to the desert scene. It's got wind - it's got sand - it's got multiple forms of movement equal or surpassing SMBros. I just can't say enough good about this game - this one's a keeper for me!

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A New Direction But Worth The Risk

posted by imei2006 (NEWMARKET, NH) Oct 25, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

The announcement at E3 left me with a warm fuzzy feeling after viewing the launch trailer. That same feel was maintained as I played through the game. The unique use of yarn and fabric adds a new sense of graphical presentation. It was similar to the same effect as when I played Wind Waker for the first time, but enough reminiscing let's get down to business.
The unique art style of Kirby's Epic Yarn is a fantastic change of pace from the usual cartoonish presentation of Nintendo's franchise heroes. The yarn that depicted Kirby moves realistically to the point of fascination over the developing team's obsession with the material. Kirby's movement looks to give the same sense of comfort that fabric and yarn have. Everything down to the buildings and platforms have this sense of happiness and comfort, and the graphics are not simply a coat of paint for the series. Every bit of the gameplay is combined with the choice of the artstyle. A well thought out move on Nintendo's part.
Kirby has and always will be a platform with some sort of twist to stand out from Mario. While normally it involves inhaling objects and enemies, he is not given that same power this time around. Instead he is given a do-all loose piece of yarn that in times acts as a weapon, a hand, or even a make shift swing. Adding to the fact that the art presentation and methods of puzzle solving are ubiquitous to what a human reaction is when encountering the movable objects in the game. As an example encountering a zipper and unzipping to reveal your next objective. This feature gives the game a great appeal to first time players and fans a like. As a side note co-op is possible in game. Using a contrasting character the mode is actually enjoyable in comparison to the chaos that is 4 player Mario Brothers for the Wii. Difficulty wise it is on par with most other Kirby games on the simpler side of challenge. The replayabilty is limited, great for a once playthrough and a great rent.

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