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Kirby's Epic Y-awwwww-n

posted by gamer135 (MINNETONKA, MN) Dec 29, 2012

Member since Jun 2011

As a Kirby veteran (not as cool as it sounds), I was quite excited about the new chapter in the Kirby saga. This quickly changed when I realized I could no longer float. That's right; one of Kirby's only abilities that he actually has going for himself has been taken away by some bizarre yarn-related accident. I was willing to overlook that...until Kirby lost more things. Instead of sucking things up, now he whips things with his "yarn". THAT IS THE BASE OF KIRBY GAMES. Why take that out? But the one thing that really made me mad was the gameplay and new elements that our good "friends" at Nintendo added. Now adding a "bead collecting" option is a daring venture into more run-of-the-mill adventure-platformers like mario bros. games. Unfortunately, this fails epically. I didn't even play long enough to fully understand what the beads even did. This game's only true redeeming quality is that it is utterly adorable. The new transformations Kirby undergoes are giggle-inducing, even in a gamer like me that laughed while playing Amnesia: the Dark Descent. when Kirby starts sprinting, he turns into a little car that starts making little car noises. That mixed with the new plush environment and the TeleTubies music makes me feel like everything is going to be all right. But it is not all right. Kirby died in Dream Land a LONG time ago and will never be the same, but I will stand strong and will always pick my favorite creampuff in a round of Smash Bros.

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Very Good

Skeptical, but Pleasantly surprised

posted by Box_Head (EAST GREENWICH, RI) Nov 20, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

As long as I can remember Kirby has always been around in my life. So when I heard about Epic Yarn I was skeptical, but willing to put aside all of the supposed negativity and give it a shot. I'll admit, when I first turned on my wii, heard the opening dialog, and played the first couple of levels, I almost cried from laughter and embarrassment from how easy and childlike it was. It is narrated like a book on tape and the difficulty is dumb downed substantially to a point where you literally cannot die. After putting the game down, I was debating on shipping it back from only playing it for 35 minutes. Then I gave it another shot. Then I was pleasantly surprised.
The thing about this game is that it still is able to be a great kirby game and a good stand out game. Even though kirby doesn't have his copy ability because he is literally yarn, You still have the satisfaction of killing enemies and using them as weapons or keys for puzzles. Even if you do miss kirby's old features, have no fear because he still transforms for certain moves such as a car. They also still kept all of the main characters intact and made this really seem like kirby even though his identity seemed to be stripped. De De De is still defeated like how he always is and meta knight has his challenge and throws you a power up during the last boss fight.
It is comedic but corny, easy but there still is challenge. Yup, even though it is impossible to die there is a challenge factor. The levels are more built around collectables and a bronze, silver, gold score depending how much gems you collect. For a kirby game that sound ridiculous, but if it wasn't for this then there would be absolutely no purpose for the game. On a side note let's be honest, kirby games never were the hardest in the first place.
The music is light with percussion and piano, the enemies don't give you an ability or damage, and the game has side missions with collectables. And yet It's not just a good kirby, its a good game

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Kirby Epic Yarn

posted by adrojeda (HOUSTON, TX) Nov 19, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

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Was iffy about getting this game because it looked so cheesy... I just said why not and rented the game. The game was awesome. 2 Player mode and its full of endless possibilities. TWO WORDS RENT IT!!!!!

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