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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning


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Very Good

It is Better than what it Seems Like!

posted by KHMDark (COVINGTON, GA) Feb 26, 2012

Member since Feb 2009

A few weeks ago, I have never even heard of this game before, and by the look of the cover, I may have never even picked it up from Gamefly. But there was a free Demo on Xbox Live, and if you played it, you would get free armor and weapons for both free games (the other game was Mass Effect 3). So I decided to give it a try. Why not, since it was free?

After that day, I quickly put KoA in my Game Q.

The story is better than most other games out there right now. You start off as one of four or five races, each one better at something than another. Once you do... you are shown your dead body...

Then after a minute, you come back to life on a pile of... well... other... dead bodies. From there, you will be shocked by how good it feels.

Imagine a game mixed with WoW, Jade Empire, and Fable 1, with KOTOR music. It is a very nice mixture, and very refreshing after the same games being released over and over (I'm looking at you, CoD!).

The story has you start off in a facility being destroyed by the enemy, because it is were the Well of Souls is, created to end Death itself... and YOU are the only success of it. However... you do not have a Fate, and you're able to control Fate energy as you deem fit.

I will be honest, that is what made me say "Holy _!", from when I first used the Fate energy.

However... once you play, the story feels like it gets... weaker... especially the ending, which was a let down for me.

There are countless quests and side missions in the game, even more if you beat the game.

But... there is no New Game+. That is kind of a let down for me, because of how much you could miss, or being able to fully level up.

Aside from that, I spent weeks playing it... however, now that I have beaten it, I won't pick it back it. It spent too long in the main story, and hits you with the huge secrets all at the end, during a fight that can interrupt the revealing of said secrets.

Sadly, this will return shortly. Mainly beca

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1 of the best rpgs ever

posted by Taz6188 (PAWTUCKET, RI) Feb 24, 2012

Member since Jul 2011

yooo game is amazing idc what other people gotta say...this game is a 9.5 to me

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kingdom of amalur: reckoning

posted by toasted253 (TACOMA, WA) Feb 23, 2012

Member since Oct 2011

this game is awsome, its like fable and skyrim had a baby

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