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posted by burntice61 (APPLE VALLEY, CA) Feb 6, 2012

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Who saw this game coming? Me neither, before i popped the demo in for my free Mass Effect stuff, i had no idea this game existed. The demo showed me signs of greatness, while buggy, it was a refreshing take on the good ol' Western RPG. Now that i finally have it im gonna break it down for ya:

The Good:
-Gameplay, Absolutely dominates every other WRPG in this department, combat, movements(minus jumping) and spell casting is fluid and works extremely well.

-Menus, while Skyrim has a clunky menu and makes you lose your mind at times, Reckoning's menu system is simple but filled with depth, whether it be the inventory or the skill trees, its nice and clean!

-Story, So your a dead guy who came back from the dead by a thing called the Well Of Souls made buy this awesome dagger wielding gnome scientist and you are basically trying to figure out who you are and what your destiny beholds. Its a very riveting tale and it will last you a long time!(I've beaten the main quest ONLY, i still haven't done side quests!)

-Depth: This game is as deep as the Pacific Ocean. Massive world, 3 skill trees with plenty of mixing around, enough gnomes to fill an old ladies yard and plenty of amazing gear to make your character powerful!

The MEH:

-Quests, while the main quest will be your main time killer, the majority of the side quests(that i've seen) are merely 'fetch' quests, which aren't worth your time. Unless you want to Lvl up quicker.

-Graphics, I really wanted to put this in the good, but i couldn't, the world looks incredible but the facial animations and characters look terrible!!!

The BAD:

-The fact that this might not be as popular as Skyrim or Fable, because this game excels where they don't. So please buy this!

Final Note: NO ONLINE PASS REQUIRED!!!! That is all, enjoy the game.

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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

posted by Andrew14 (PICKERINGTON, OH) Feb 19, 2012

Member since Oct 2010

37 out of 43 gamers (86%) found this review helpful

Kingdoms of Amalur: Recoking is an Action RPG.

Story - The story is about a "hero" that dies and comes back to life through a thing called the "Well of Souls". Once you come out of the "Well of Souls" you learn that you have no fate, so you're able to decide your own fate.
Pretty much, there is a war called the "Crystal War" that's between Mortals (Us) vs Immortal (The Fae). The Fae used to be peaceful race untill they're king made them evil.

Combat - The combat is great in this game, the combat is more like Action-based like God of War or Devil May Cry. It's fast paced action, with alot of chain-combos. While, most fights are easy, I did have some trouble while trying to find the right weapon for me. Also, there's a move called "Fateshift" and it's pretty much were all the enemies are slowed down and you're weapons and skill get a buff, making you do more damage.

Graphics - The graphics are good, except the people could of had a tune-up, as the backround visuals are stunning compared to the people, the artstyle is more comic book, not real-style as in a game like Skyrim. The shadowing and lighting are also very good in this game, as well as the water effects.

Quests/Items - Their are many Side/Guild quests in this game, around 200+ to be exact. While, the guild quests do take a while, I found them quiet intresting as they each have a diffrent motive. For Example, The Travels revolved around sneaking and stealing, which is good, because my guy is a Rogue-Based character. Their are various items in the game, each color-coded depending on their rarity. The only problem about the items is that, your don't find very good items while in dungeons, the items im using right now, I bought. Also, alot of the items are similar, they may have diffrent stats, but most of the items im running into are clones and look the same.

Overall - This is a great game, I would reccomend it too anyone who likes fast-paced RPG's.

Verdict - I would give this a 8.5/9 out of

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Wow, RPG of the year?

posted by jacklop21 (BLACK MOUNTAIN, NC) Feb 7, 2012

Member since Jun 2011

35 out of 41 gamers (85%) found this review helpful

I am twelve hours into this game and i really dont want to stop.

THE STORY- I haven't beat it yet but what i have played it is intresting, this game if different in a way from other RPG's though. It's like your being read a very intresting story instead of a decent story which you can slightly change. The side quests DO GET REPETITIVE, but what RPG doesn't, i played them anyway becuase the rest of the game was great.

COMBAT- This is the selling point of this game. The closest thing i can compare it to is the god of war series. Its fluid, smooth and enjoyable.

CUSTOMIZATION- I've started this game 3 times and all the loot in the beggining is different. I'm pretty sure it has a random stat generator so that your loot is always different, and i love that.

GRAPHICS- This may be the worst part of the game. The graphics aren't superb and are similar to the Fable series. I personally liked them, I didnt love them but they where okay with me, just look at a screenshot and see if YOU like them.

THE WORLD- Ah Amalur, what a beatiful place. Skyrim is pretty much forest, or a snow forest, if your like me and wanted diversity then you will like this game.

Review- Great game, must buy!

-Amalur itself
- Interesting, new story

-Outdated graphics
-Repeating side quests

Hope this helper, and remember this is just my view!

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