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Kingdoms of Amazing

posted by StarRaven (WELLINGTON, FL) Mar 27, 2012

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Holy RPG Heaven this game is fantastic!

But before I get to the good stuff, let's talk about the negs, since that's all anyone cares about...

The biggest problem, is that there's no real drama. I don't really care about who I am, or the people I meet because none of them are important. The game lacks a gripping narrative that would have made this game beyond stellar. The art direction is a bit weird too, sometimes it's amazingly realistic and dark, and other times it's whimsical and cartoony, without anything to really blend them together, but you get over it fairly quickly.
There's TONS of loot, but the game makes choosing between whether you want to use Warrior (heavy armor), Rogue (light armor) or Mage (sorcerer) really difficult. Because, like most games... the "best 'armor'" is always the heavy stuff. Nothing else even compares, but to use it, you have to acquire Warrior skills... which you may not want to do if a Mage or Rogue type suits your gameplay style. This same problem carries over to Weapons too, but a bit differently.
Basically, the game doesn't want to lock you into one group or the other, which is a good thing, but, in this matter, it forces you, the player, to make that decision and say "I don't care how good it is, I'm not going to use this type of armor, or this type of weapon, and only use these ones" to help make your Equipment and Skill Path a lot easier and manageable.

On to the goods!

The world is HUGE, and there's no shortage of Side Quests. Which means TONS of gameplay and is well worth whatever money you did or didn't spend on the game.
Crafting potions, weapons, gems is all good fun.

The game is most compared to Skyrim, Fallout, Zelda, Fable, and so on (Note: all good games minus Fable) but it awkwardly reminds me of GTA... if GTA didn't have a cinematic story that tied everything together. And it's great!

Possibly the best RPG experience of this generation and feels JRPGish, despite it's western influnce.

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Good at first.

posted by Cephalotripsist (SALEM, OH) Mar 26, 2012

Member since Feb 2012

It's a really good game at first. Draws you in. Has a nice Fable 1 feel. The environment is absolutely beautiful. I spent a lot of time just looking at everything. That being said it gets somewhat boring after around 12 or so hours of just running around. I didn't get into the story much. But what I did play was fun. Might rent again in the future.

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Great RPG With Tons of Things Inside

posted by eye0see0you (SHASTA LAKE, CA) Mar 25, 2012

Member since Oct 2011

Lately people have been comparing this game to Fable, Dragon Age, and Skyrim. I have to say that while it feels like all three of those games KoA shines in some areas and fails in others.

Combat System - The combat in this game is phenomenal. You can equip 2 weapons as well as 4 spells and using these 6 things to fight is fluid and works really well. You also have your usual "Super Mode" where you turn nearly invincible and your attacks do massive damage and at the end of this mode, you earn extra EXP.
Visuals and Sounds - KoA doesn't have the best facial animations and character detail but what it does have are gorgeous environments from forests, swamps, plains, and the desert. It's all colorful and diverse. The creature design and body animations are also well done thanks to Todd McFarlane. The sound is also well done. The soundtrack is enjoyable and the noises you hear from the monsters to the voices are good.
Gameplay Features - There are tons of quests to do. You can freely choose how you want to fight be it a pure Warrior, Mage, or Rogue. You can even mix them together. There are a lot of skills and abilities to level up from crafting skills to combat skills. There are tons of loot from armor sets and pieces to weapons like hammers, staves, blades, and chakrams. You can redistribute your skill points too, for a price, if you feel the need to change your play style.
Story - This game's mythology and world is really good as well. There are lorestones scattered around which dives deeper into the lore of KoA.

Visuals - Like I said, the characters and facial animation are lacking detail.
Camera - The camera angle is at times frustrating during combat.
Gameplay Mechanics - I would've liked to see a jump button instead of the pre-determined jumping spots. A jump button would've made traveling easier and faster.

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