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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning


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Mixin' it up

posted by MadDawgMike925 (SAINT CLAIR, MO) Apr 2, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

Game has an excellent story and game play is very nice, but i found it to get very repetative at times and got very boring very fast. overall this was a one play through game for me

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good game

posted by bigfoot145 (WESTMINSTER, CA) Mar 29, 2012

Member since Dec 2009

i have this game for PC and i cant stop playing, im on my second class replaying the same story line, it is a well put together free roam, which gives you the ability to leave the story line and do what you please, whether it be side missions or just venturing through different areas of the world looking for gear, weapons and new dungeons to explore. the game is similar to elder scrolls and runs smoothly with awesome attacks/powers/technique patterns etc.. with 3 different classes to choose from ranging from mages with strong powers to rogues with stealth and assassination abilities to the classic warrior who uses brute strength and the power of the earth to aid. hands down i would recommend this game if you have any interest in free roam games or have been a fan of any elder scrolls game in the past.

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Kingdoms of Amazing

posted by StarRaven (WELLINGTON, FL) Mar 27, 2012

Top Reviewer

Member since May 2011

Holy RPG Heaven this game is fantastic!

But before I get to the good stuff, let's talk about the negs, since that's all anyone cares about...

The biggest problem, is that there's no real drama. I don't really care about who I am, or the people I meet because none of them are important. The game lacks a gripping narrative that would have made this game beyond stellar. The art direction is a bit weird too, sometimes it's amazingly realistic and dark, and other times it's whimsical and cartoony, without anything to really blend them together, but you get over it fairly quickly.
There's TONS of loot, but the game makes choosing between whether you want to use Warrior (heavy armor), Rogue (light armor) or Mage (sorcerer) really difficult. Because, like most games... the "best 'armor'" is always the heavy stuff. Nothing else even compares, but to use it, you have to acquire Warrior skills... which you may not want to do if a Mage or Rogue type suits your gameplay style. This same problem carries over to Weapons too, but a bit differently.
Basically, the game doesn't want to lock you into one group or the other, which is a good thing, but, in this matter, it forces you, the player, to make that decision and say "I don't care how good it is, I'm not going to use this type of armor, or this type of weapon, and only use these ones" to help make your Equipment and Skill Path a lot easier and manageable.

On to the goods!

The world is HUGE, and there's no shortage of Side Quests. Which means TONS of gameplay and is well worth whatever money you did or didn't spend on the game.
Crafting potions, weapons, gems is all good fun.

The game is most compared to Skyrim, Fallout, Zelda, Fable, and so on (Note: all good games minus Fable) but it awkwardly reminds me of GTA... if GTA didn't have a cinematic story that tied everything together. And it's great!

Possibly the best RPG experience of this generation and feels JRPGish, despite it's western influnce.

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