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One of The best RPG I've played evere

posted by nmmell08 (BALTIMORE, MD) Apr 7, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

I watched this game played for 30 minutes before i got it and I was sold that this game was excellent. I was not wrong. The world is open and free to explore without being so open that you get confused about what you are suppose to do. The story, while sometimes confusing and wierd, is overall saved by the epic theme of fate versus control of destiny. The whole RPG system is based off this them and it is supurb. You get to control the fate you want and based on that fate you can build your character around it. It has its stereotypical Mage, Warrior, and Rouge classes but you are not limited to that at all. You want a warrior who also launches magic from his hands at any given moment for devastating power, you can do that. Want a jack of all trades, thats possible. Want a rouge who brandishes a giant hammer as well, consider it done. You get to choose the role your character has and it can be preety much whatever you like. And if you want to turn your battlemage (Warrior/Mage) into a shawdow spellcaster (Rouge/Mage) that is no problem as well. Just find the local fateweaver and pay a small fee (by the end of the game thee fee is trivial) and you can reset the character. The fighting in the game is somewhat button-smashing but as you level up you unlock new moves based on your skill point allotment. This unlocks amazing looking combos and moves and makes the game more lively. Also a extremely nice perk is that you ar allowed to fast travel anytime you want to locations uou have been before, saving hours of backtracking to quest giversThere are a few negitives though. However finding armorsmiths, fateweavers, merechants, and other mercantile NPCs can be hard sometimes. Money though is rarely an issue and by the end of the game I had accumilated over a million of money that was never used. Also its a shame your character does not have a voice actor. Overall though the game is open world and a blast to play. I recommend it to anyone who wants it.

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Reminds me of PS2!

posted by hatwearingmann (SAN JACINTO, CA) Apr 7, 2012

Member since Nov 2011

This game is AMAZING. It reminds me of the good old Playstation 2 games! This game has great story,action, and just about everything.I would buy this,since it has a long main quest, and many many side quests.

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posted by KillerWolf (SHELBY, AL) Apr 3, 2012

Member since Nov 2006

People have been trying to compare Skyrim and KoA: Amalur and I see why. Unfortunately there are truly too many similarities between the games NOT to compare. Anyways, here are the real pros and cons and I will end up comparing it to Skyrim inevitably.

Pros- Combat is different and can have some great cinematic moments.
- The game uses interactions and experiences that can change different things in the world.
- The fate twister thing makes killing bosses quite a bit easier.
- Being open world is always a plus.
- The game provides simple ways to create armor, weapons, and even gems to socket into equipment.
- Easy access to your potions through the D-pad so you don't have to open a menu every time you need mana or health.
- The mini games for unlocking or dispelling things can be fun or tedious, but not too bad.

Cons: -Even though the combat is revamped it gets tedious when using only 4 slots for spells.
-The game is a bit more graphically a cartoon and is kind of a drag considering what I see in many other games (cough Skyrim).
- The games story is quite bland and the side quests can feel more tedious than fun.
- The game jumps back into the level up system and picking up bits of good armor in different areas making it feel like a WoW ripoff at times.
- Even though the game is open world you are extremely restricted in where you can go at such and such level.
- There is too much dialog in the game. Every character has something to say and there are a lot of repeat views making me skip quite a bit.
- There is very little incentive to explore as you want and sometimes are even blocked from exploring a cave without the quest.

As you can see, more cons than pros. The one thing this game does well is combat, but with a bland story and annoying side quests it is the only thing I truly like. Truthfully I even prefer Skyrims combat because it feels more realistic. No, this game isn't Skyrim, because overall I feel like Skyrim is truly better

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