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Very Good

wasnt the best but it was pretty close

posted by LARVAY (LOMBARD, IL) Oct 31, 2006

Member since Sep 2006

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I both like and dislike how the game starts out. It starts out real quick which is a plus for me, but i just feel that they just expect you to know what your doing with everything... im a quick learner so i did ok; i did notice that in some campaigns they used little tidbits of info to help; and they did; but i just wish they would have taken a step further to really explain everything.

the game i believe had some glitches... the characters constantly saying the same thing over got a little annoying but barable... i did like the dialogue between players and sometimes their bantering.

This game isn't for someone who doesnt like to think much while playing a video game as there is a lot of strategy involved.... i enjoyed playing it a lot but i also failed a lot of missions.. ALOT; this game can be very difficult

I recommend this game for the patient people ho enjoy medieval combat; and strategy/fighting games.

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Be a Hero!

posted by DrMiah (SPRING, TX) Jun 21, 2006

Member since Jun 2006

3 out of 3 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

At the start of the game you are allowed to choose from one of four characters. There are other characters, but you need to unlock them by completing the game. Each character has a different story, so its good to play with each to experience it.

Battles can get very chaotic. Its very likely you will need to replay battles a few times before you learn the right strategy needed to be victorious. Each character has different moves, and special abilities. You can also call upon the special abilities of your troop captains to aid during battle.

Leveling your character is accomplished after the battle. When you are in a town or a base you may visit the Barracks. Here you can level up your character, and your supporting troops. Leveling is accomplished by increasing the Melee on your character, you may also improve other skills, or learn new skills if you have a free skill slot. Equipment can also be purchased or sold here, the equipment you are issued at the beginning of the game isn't that good and you cant sell that. You can purchase new Swords, Bows, and Armor, which will give bonus stats, and sometimes additional effects. You can also hire Mercenaries to fight alongside you at the Pub, and once hired you can modify their equipment and skills.

I really enjoyed the way you can choose your equipment and skills, its a very flexible system. The battles can be very hard, but what fun is a game that isn't challenging?

Saving is a bit weird, you need to save while on the world map. This game does not seem to auto-save when you complete a battle or after leveling your character despite a confusing menu that pops up asking if you'd like to save the changes. If the save feature was automatic, and less confusing I'd give this game a 10.

I have had a blast with this game and decided to purchase it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

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A good war sim.

posted by Sovereign (STUDIO CITY, CA) Nov 18, 2006

Member since Oct 2004

8 out of 9 gamers (89%) found this review helpful

Let me start by saying I read some other reviews and see that a few wanted to say the game was bad due to things like, Glitches, No save function, and no Tutorial.

I feel personally they're wrong.

For one I own the game and online play is smooth. Hero control is still sluggish as in the first one but overall runs perfectly.

The game is a perfect battle sim as real tactics actually apply.

Charging cavalry through an enemy unit leads to serious damage. Setting up pikeman as cavalry march through leads to spiking them.

The game holds true and while there are no stand out fixes from the last game Heroes does give you more players to play with then the previous games 1v1 only settings.

The tutorial while not a straight laced explanation is weaved perfectly into the starter officers story lines and helps to explain how to use units while engaging you in the characters thick plots.

The only true downsides to this game lie in the misspelling and often bad voiceovers (Characters lips not moving while they talk etc) But aside from the graphical issues this game will deliver gamers with the war time action they are looking for.

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