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Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom

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Playable, but just not engaging enough...

posted by PianoMan (SAN DIEGO, CA) Aug 1, 2008

Member since Sep 2005

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I admit it: I'm a KUF fan. Played both Crusaders and Heroes, and really looked forward to this game. While approachable and playable, the gameplay isn't at all polished and the characters don't really flesh out thru the plot. Definitely a rental, and for fans of the KUF series, hopefully KUFII comes out as planned in 2009.

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Above Average

Decent, but not great.

posted by herostyle (MISSOULA, MT) Jun 23, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

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I enjoy games like Dynasty Warriors, where it's one hero against an army. I like the mindless hack n'slash if I know what I"m getting in to. That said, this game is good enough for what it is but the lack of cohesion and immersion in the story makes it kind of hard to deal with.

First, you play a hero who, for whatever reason, is killing hordes of enemies. There is no real description of why you are fighting but that's what you're there to do. There are bits of story tossed in while you sleep, but it really serves no purpose and is more cryptic than engaging. This is the game's only real drawback in my opinion.

The combat is fast paced and while many complain about the camera I have yet to have an issue with it. The controls are simplistic, the synthesis system is a bit complicated but just takes a little research online to get figured out...

All in all this is a good game for some mindless co-op hack n'slash, but I wouldn't even try to get involved in the story.

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Not that bad! Really!

posted by GameflyGod (MULLICA HILL, NJ) Apr 26, 2008

Member since Mar 2008

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This game is plays much like diablo II (And probably what Too Human will be like) IT's really good, really! Try it! I mean you have gamefly!

The Goods: It plays much like a diablo loot-and-stab fest. Actually its really fun getting new armor and weapons and such. You have many different selections of Hero to choose from, all from the Whiny Elven Maiden, to the Fully-Armored giant man. The boss battles take awhile, but they are actually pretty fun, Gigantic plant-demon bosses are always fun to kill!

Also, the multiplayer is quite good, you can have 4 players in one game, (The enemies get stronger, just like in Diablo, when more people join)

The Bad: TEARING! Screen and map tearing is insane, it pops around every corner, seeing that shiny white line in between a rock or wall. Also, the game COULD be much better in many aspects, like the story (fragmented) and the ranged combat, which IMO is incredibly annoying. You can be 20 feet from a group of enemies, through a shuriken at them, and it wont hurt them at all, move closer, and they notice you.

Bottom Line: PLAY THIS GAME if you enjoyed diablo, or if you THINK you will enjoy Too Human.

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