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Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom

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RPG has never been like this before...

posted by Droppo (MOUNTLAKE TERRACE, WA) Jan 17, 2008

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Well... that may be true, but that's not always a good thing. This game isn't outright bad, but it is missing something to be a recommended game. I would suggest renting it when you have gone through all the great games that are on the shelf waiting for your enjoyment. Only then would I suggest trying this one out.

I have played through the beginning levels with several of the available characters and have the same impression with each: where's the story? Why do I have such a tiny, linear path to travel, and why does this game feel so similar to Ninety-nine Nights (which also had potential but was held back with a heaping helping of flawed concepts).

Gameplay consists mostly of running down what amounts to an outdoor hallway, encountering a large group of enemies, and then wailing at them with a few attack options. You can equip different weapons and armor. It will change the attacks slightly, but not much. You level up with experience gained from killing these roving gangs of monsters and can add new abilities like leaping, firing flaming missiles, etc. In order to gain an ability, however, you must not only level up and select it, but meet certain criteria like "has killed 3 jumbo baddies" and "has killed 6 of some other type of baddie." That's not such a bad thing, but after finally finding something to be excited about, I was disappointed that I wouldn't actually gain the new ability until after I progressed further with the blindly moving forward and killing.

When you have the opportunity to see characters up close, the textures look great. The art is quite nice. But you usually see everything (meaning group fights repeatedly) from a distance so it's not usually as impressive looking as it could be.

There's some fun to be had here, and I'll keep toying with it for a while, but it will probably be sent back after about a 2 week stay. I like killing things and collecting the loot, so I can stand to play this game for a little longer.

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This is a descent game

posted by Djperson1 (UNIVERSITY PLACE, WA) Oct 4, 2008

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ok well some people gave it horrible ratings... which i can relate to but, this game is'nt very fun from the start... unless your online... but once you get higher in the game... its a blast to play it again...

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Very Good

Better than expected

posted by Ragnar (FARMINGTON, NY) Jan 10, 2008

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I brought my little brother to the mall to buy a new game with some of his Christmas money. He was torn between this game and Oblivion GOTY. I told him he couldnt go wrong with Obliv. since i was still a little skeptical about this game. But I wasnt about to tell him what to do with his money and so he got this. We brought it home and the game turned out be be...suprisingly good. Its an action RPG where you run around doing quests, killing things and leveling up while trying to get the best gear possible. The controls are pretty simple and easy to learn after a brief tutorial in the begining. I only played for a little while but this is what I can tell you about the game so far. The game play is fun and challenging. only if you enjoy endless hack and slash games. If those dont appeal to you then you probably wont enjoy this. One flaw with combat is there is no block and no jump. The camera can also be a pain during combat, but you quickly get used to it. There is virtually and endless amount of loot that you can sell to idols randomlly located throughout that maps that are also randomlly generated. the maps although large are very linear but beautifully designed. at the idols you you can buy, sell and store items. you can also use and option called synthesis. I havent quite figured it out yet but basically you combine 2 or more items to make a better one. There are 4 characters at the start with 2 unlocable. Each has own skills and traits and attack styles. You can also learn new skills and recieve quests in your dream world. Depending on what character you are there will be someone there to help you. As oppsed to buy new skills like in many other games in this one you have to kill a certain enemy so many times and then you can get the skill or spell from your dreamworld person. kinda cool actually. The mutiplayer is a blast. With a max of four to a room. everything is the same as single player except enemies get stonger each time a player joins. Long, solid game.

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