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Perfect Collaboration

posted by Justy8 (BURBANK, CA) Apr 12, 2006

Member since Jan 2005

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The thought that mixing Final Fantasy with Disney would create a wonderful world of adventure would not have been dreamed if not for Kingdom Hearts.
Although the game is marketed to kids, I was able to get my fiancé and several friends hooked on video games due to this title. If you are a final fantasy junkie you will love the cameo appearances of beloved characters, battling Sephiroth for example. Kids will be enticed with the Disney characters and intriguing familiar Disney worlds that offer many secrets and familiarity. The true heart of the game is the story. It is a very sweet and intriguing story of friendship. It sends a good message, but anyone can get hooked in to this game by it. With the entire mix of story, Disney, Final Fantasy and game play this will be a title the entire family can get in to and love. A must buy!

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Kingdom hearts review

posted by masterj (MOOREFIELD, WV) Sep 12, 2006

Member since Dec 2005

11 out of 14 gamers (79%) found this review helpful

You start out as a 14 year old boy named Sora, who lives on Destiny Islands with his 2 best friends, Kairi and Riku. They all dream of leaving the islands, wondering if there are other worlds out there, and if so, why are they stuck on this one. On a storming night, Sora gets separated from his friends and meets Donald Duck and Goofy, who explains that they are looking for their king. Later you will discover that your enemy is called the Heartless. Sora finds out that he is the keyblade master and together, they set out to find Riku, Kairi and the king.

Over all gameplay:
Now the over all gameplay is O.K. This is a "button smashing" game so you spend most of the time smashing the square button. The camera isn't the BEST but it is still pretty good, you might have a couple times in the game where you are stuck because you can't get the camera to do what you want.

Game Review:
So at first glance, your probley thinking that this is a kids game and that any game with Disney characters cant possibly be any fun, well, you are WRONG. Kingdom Hearts has, in my opinion, the BEST story ever. Some parts make you want to laugh/smile and some parts make you just want to cry.
Later in the game you will learn to use magic and fly the Gumi Ship. With the unique Gumi Ship options, you can customize your own ship and in order to get to the next world, you are required to fly between the worlds. You will have to shoot the heartless ships and dodge attacks.
Once you explore different worlds, you will discover Final Fantasy characters play an important part of the game, ranging from Cloud to Sephiroth.
Every world means different partners such as Jack Skellington from A Nightmare Before Christmas and Beast from The Beauty and the Beast.

My Opinion:
This is probley the best, or one of the best RPGs i have ever played. It will keep you busy for quite a long time with all the extra features the game offers, like bosses or minigame

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posted by sergio (LEBANON, NH) Apr 23, 2006

Member since Oct 2005

8 out of 11 gamers (73%) found this review helpful

When I first played this game I was 7 years old. I understood it and thought that it was excellent. It had great action, great story, and great graphics. Well most games now have great graphics but Kingdom Hearts was great for its time. I never really liked the final fantasy games but this stratagy game was really different! I loved how they mixed up final fantasy with disney and a made up story. In the middle of that year 2002 all my friends had played the game and loved it. We would draw pictures and always pretend that we were characters from the game. Soon we wanted to make a movie of Kingdom Hearts. But now I am 11 and my friends and I had grown out of this nonsence of making a movie! I really hope KH is as great as everyone says it is.

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