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Kingdom Hearts: Re-Chain of Memories


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GF Rating

2355 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Kingdom Hearts: Re-Chain of Memories
Directional Button
Right = Rotate Deck Clockwise. Left = Rotate Deck Counterclockwise. Up = Reload Deck Shortcut. Down = Shortcut to Designated Card.
Left Analog Stick
Right Analog Stick
Move Camera
X Button
Use Card. Reload Cards (Hold). Swing Keyblade. Throw Object. Confirm.
Square Button
Dodge Roll (Sora). Side Step (Riku).
Circle Button
Jump. High Jump. Glide (Hold).
Triangle Button
Stock Card. Use Stocked Cards. Lift Object. Throw Object. Zoom In/Out of World Map.
L1 Button
Deck Rotates Counterclockwise
L2 Button
Un-Stock a Card
R1 Button
Deck Rotates Clockwise
R2 Button
Lock On/Off Target.
R3 Button
Reset Camera
Start Button
Pause Menu. Skip Event.
Select Button
Switch to Enemy Cards. Display World Map.
Activate Stock Skills Using Cards