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Disney and Square Enix has done it again!!!

posted by cellAMM (PHOENIX, AZ) Jul 18, 2006

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You may know Square Enix for the perfect Final Fantasy series. You may know Disney for there millions of classic movies. What do you get when you put two succesful companies and make a game, you get a game that goes down in history as one of the best RPGs in history. Some people say they think this game is because its a Disney RPG but it's not. If you haven't played the game than shut your god dam mouth. This is a great game with a great story, decent gameplay, and fine music. There are new worlds like the Lion King, Beauty and the Beast and my personal favorite Pirates of the Carribean. When you begin the game you start of playing a kid named Roxas for the next 6 hours. So you don't get to play as Sora right away. The kids have also grown. Sora and Riku have deeper voices and are taller and Kairi.........well she deffinetly more mature. KH2 is deffinetly worth the 4 year wait. I feel sorry for the guys who don't have a PS2. This is a must play for all gamers

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best game ever

posted by knightwerewolf (FORT WORTH, TX) Jun 26, 2012

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best series i have ever played

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Just Missed Perfection

posted by MikDaMan58 (FLAGSTAFF, AZ) Apr 12, 2006

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If you do not already have this game it should be number one in your Q.To start off the story continues to be the strong point of the series. It starts off with you playing as Roxas, a boy in Twilight Town on his summer vacation. Although you begin play as this unfimaliar character your in control of Sora again soon enough. I dare not say much more because the story is so great it just must be experianced.
The gameplay in the oringinal was at times a bit spotty, and while improved still has some problems. The camera is vastly improved after being pulled back which makes it so the enemy your fighting is on screen 95% of the time. It also was chaged from R2 and L2 to the right analog stick, and while some people like this I do not. The reason is that it makes using spells, items and anything else in the mini menu more dangerous since you now use the D-Pad to navigate it. That causes you to have to stop and possibly take damage when you should not have to. This is a small flaw compared to how much better the combat is. While this still involves hitting X alot the abilities Sora learns open up a lot more options. On top of that new reaction commands and drive forms make every battle worth savoring.
The graphics are absolutly amazing. And even when there are 10+ enemies on screen the game continues to run smooth with no slowdown. At one point you'll fight about 50 heartless at once and the game never misses a beat.
The sound is also great. The music is spot on, Capturing the feel of the worlds perfectly. The voice acting is equally well done.
In closing if you have not got this game get it. Kindom Hearts 2 is a fantastic experiance. And if you have never played a KH game before this is as good a place to start. Get this game.

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