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Kingdom Hearts 2 review

posted by Sleezebag (DELAWARE, OH) Apr 14, 2006

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WOW! What a great game!
Story: If your looking for a good game with GREAT story, Kingdom Hearts 2 is the game for YOU!!
It has all those great twists and whatnot that keep you on the edge wanting to play more!!
Gamplay: I wasn't expecting the fighting and amount of customization that you are able to do for your characters to be so well! There are TONS of awsome moves that you can get, tons of magic spells and overall I was VERY, VERY impressed by the BIG change from Kingdom Hearts 1 combat and Kingdom hearts 2 combat. KH2 overall gameplay is probably, what I think, it's BIGGEST improvment from KH1.
Design: Another great thing about KH2 is its impressive graphics and how well the game makes your REALLY fell like your finally in a Disney movie! The voice acting in the game is really outsatnding too, some characters may not be the original voice from the movie or game but Square enix and Disney tried VERY hard to find people that sounded almost EXACTLY like the original voice-overs. The game is VERY long too, probably like 35-40 hours long! The difficulty in the game isn't too hard, but i just jumped right to pround mode when i first got it and I shouldn't have done that, because it REALLY is proud! Stronger enemies will do half your heath in one hit at the start of the game, but good thing your able to hold more potions than your where able too in the firts one. So if your just starting, do Standard mode THEN if you want to you can do it on proud mode.
OVERALL: Best game i've ever had the enjoyment of playing, I think you all will think the same way too!

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Much Better Than The First With Many Improvements!

posted by MICHAELSD (BRICK, NJ) Apr 12, 2006

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If you're too lazy to read through the entire review I'm just going to tell you rent the game, you'll love it! If that wasn't enough than let me continue.

If you've played the first you basically know Kingdom Hearts has a varied battle system. Well I'm here to tell you it's back with the new "drive" feature that lets you morph into more powerful versions of Sora along with new summons and new magic. There's a downfall though of all this great new stuff, you'll barely ever need to use it since the game is too easy even on the hardest difficulty which is "Proud Mode".

Now onto the keyblade system! It's much more a button mashing system this time around. The system gets better as you get through the game since you get more and more fun combos you can unleash. There's another new battle feature on top of "drive" which is called "reaction commands"! These can be quite fun to unleash but, the spots you get to really use them are the introduction level and ending level and further visits to the intro level.

You probably already know about the great new camera system, right? The system ties the camera to the right analog stick instead of the shoulder buttons. The battle system has also improved (stated in more detail above)! Also, this time around the game is a lot less repetive with fun minigames such as the rhythm minigame in Atlantica. The improved gummi ship system this time around is so good it could be selt as a whole other game!

The graphics look great and pull off that 2D to 3D (for most Disney films) jump quite nicely. The animations are without a flaw with every detail possible on the PS2 (hair wobbles, chains move, etc)! The particle effects (especially the fire in Land of Dragons) look completely fantastic! The The voice acting and sound effects are all top-notch, too as expected! The 5.1 mix was okay at the most.


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posted by SoraSonic1 (IRVINGTON, NJ) Apr 29, 2012

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Absolute awesome. I love the opening and the song. It's amazing. The drive forms are an excellent edition to the fighting system. I highly recommend this game to KH lovers and just gamers in general. Play the first one first and Chain of Memories or you won't have any idea what the story is about.

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