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posted by Hcm2014 (HOUSTON, TX) Jul 18, 2014

Member since Jul 2014

Awesome Game can't wait for kingdom hearts 111 counting down the done days down til its realese also hope they release it for ps3 version as well

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posted by kenny_13 (ROCKLEDGE, FL) Jul 5, 2014

Member since Jul 2014

we need the old version....this one is lame and too difficult! Graphics are okay but you're always trying to change the camera angle around so you never actually get to see them! The ps2 version was better!- in my opinion

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A great niche game

posted by shoknawe (SAN FRANCISCO, CA) Jun 4, 2014

Member since Jun 2014

Simply put, Kingdom Hearts is not a game for players who are not inner-child fans of disney, can't stand naive characters, not fans of 'comic-mischief and colorful violence'.

For a player who can embrace their bug-squashing kid at heart, Kingdom Hearts is everything you could hope for in a video game.

Gameplay -
The combat is simple and intuitive but still provides enough depth for someone who likes to string combos together to get a kick out of trying to master the 'tech' moves.
Item hoarding is at the core of every (j)RPG and Kingdom Hearts does not let you down. With secret items, different items for different situations and the synthesis shop, you wont run out of items to find and play with all the way till you beat the game!
The skills are also simple and intuitive but have enough depth in them to give you choices and actually allow for a few different 'builds'. Granted you are primarily forced into a warrior, mage or tank role, you can change up enough skills and equipable items to make your characters path not strictly dictate the path you want to play as.

Story -
'A hero's journey' at heart, Kingdom Hearts does its best storytelling the way all Disney movies to theirs, through character dialogues and monologues that are very childish, but when you think about the fact that the game is targeted towards kids, is that such a bad thing? The key thing to take away is that the story conveys good lessons to the player about friendship, sacrifice, and how to embrace changes in life.

Graphics -
It's an HD remaster of a PS2 game, so the graphics can only go so far, but for their time and era, they are very splendid. The game has brilliant art direction and the colorful nature of the game world reminds me of why I loved Squaresoft games from PS1. No matter how many people try to say that the game is too kiddy and colorful, they simply can't ignore that the Final Fantasy precursor kin, were for the most part, just as colorful and kiddy.

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